Friday, October 11, 2013

"So I was playing Mario Cart with 8 Juniors from Pi Kapps last night..."

We woke up early this morning for our last day at Camp Tecumseh. This week has flown by and I've loved every minute of being here. This place will always be my home and I could happily stay here all year long. After another baked oatmeal breakfast the kids went all over camp again to finish their lessons. I loved seeing Natalie Cefali here this session with her friends. I'm so excited to have her in class next semester.

During lunch we took the opportunity to take final pictures with several of the counselors in this group. This week I was thankful for time to hang out with Sophie Vano and to become friends with Sammi Boram. I love my girls Mikaela and Abby and was so happy to be back playing with this pair.

Saba and Natty are quite the pair and I'm glad I'll keep seeing them all the time back at home.

Marie and Alyssa did such a great job as rookie counselors this week. I'm glad they'll get to keep coming back.

 Abby insisted on an awkward family photo. I think we pulled it off well.

Kriger and I toasted our day 5 cupcakes as we were waiting for the buses to arrive. We've definitely established our new tradition. I wish I had kept track of the total amount we consumed this week.

The kids loaded the buses and pulled out of camp to go back to school, but I didn't head back to Indy just yet. I drove to Purdue in West Lafayette to meet up with Maggie first. She's in town for the barn dance this weekend and we got to hang out before. Mags is easily one of the greatest people I know. She makes everyone feel so special and included. Maggie makes every situation more fun and you just always want to be around her.

Then we ran into Lizzy Dale, Claire Smedley and Karisa Hannon in front of their dorm. It was so good to see these girls and crazy to see them on campus as college kids. 

When Lizzy lived in Indy we got to play pretty often and I miss seeing her all the time. Today we got to do our signature poses and just hang out.

We all hung out in The Cube inside for awhile. We've decided we ought to start marketing The Cube with a couple deluxe additions like some compartments for cellphone chargers, blankets, a mini fridge, porta-potty and flat screen TV. We think The Cube could be really successful.

Next I got to play with my friend Hannah Blachly. Hannah and I are friends through Young Life and I'm thankful for how often we still get to show up in each other's lives. I got a tour of Kappa, even saw Liz VanO for a little bit and then we had dinner at Chipotle. I love our conversations about all parts of life and that I just feel so comfortable with Hannah. Can't wait till I see her next.

Then for dessert and the grand finale of the day I met up with Sophie and Kat at Red Mango. I got to meet their friend Gabi too and I agree that she's awesome. I love that Soph and Kat are such great friends and that they take care of each other. Tonight I'm glad that we could just talk and hang out on the sidewalk for so long. I never get tired of these friends.

It's been such a great vacation from the real world lately. From the trip to Chicago to visit camp girls and stay with Sar and Ben, to playing at Camp T all week with my school and then visiting with all these friends today it's been pretty perfect. It'll be hard to jump back into the normal routine on Monday but thankfully I've still got the rest of the weekend to play and see friends.

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