Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"You're funnier than the internet."

This morning I opened up the archery range for parents and teachers. We had a friendly competition trying to get the highest score. Just call me Katniss.

I've loved hanging out with Lauren and Maggie for a couple days. These girls were two of my favorites back when they were in 7th grade and I just think they rock. Lauren is group HH aka the Halloween Hooligans and she's been carrying around this pumpkin. I wish this pair could stay all week.

After every meal we have a tradition called Nominations. Kids and counselors get called up front if they did something silly or slightly embarrassing since the last time we were all together. Today at lunch we brought up Claire and Emma who discovered a special talent for walking with their legs through their sweatshirt arms.

We had to take Meghan back to Purdue this afternoon and we were sad to see her go. Kriger and I made another Wal-Mart stop for tonight's cookie cakes and round 2 of cupcakes.

Three moms came with me on a walk all over Lake Village this afternoon. We hiked past chapel, down to Ghost Creek, up to Ghost Cabin, along the creek, up the Bullet stairs, around the lake, over the Suspension Bridge through Lake Village and back down the Lake Road to the Main Camp loop.

When counselors gathered back before dinner I got to hang out with Peyton, Abby and Miya for a little bit. These girls are so sweet and I love getting to spend time with them. I wish they didn't have to leave tomorrow.

Jamie Z, my friend and CILT co-counselor, rocks and showed up to hang out tonight. She brought me a taco from Mitchell's and a Diet Coke from McDonald's because she rocks. The rest of the night we played all over camp with the kids and counselors.

During nominations at dinner two of the guy counselors serenaded the crowd with a duet to High School Music and dedicated the song to all the girls that have been crushing on them.

The competition at Just Dance was fierce tonight. This has become one of my favorite parts of the whole day. I love that everyone loses all their inhibitions and just goes for it. The counselors pump up the campers and there are a few kids that stand out for being the most animated.

Sophie Sams got to be one of the kids competing for an individual point this year. I love this girl and am so glad I'll get to keep getting to know her better this year.

After team 1 won the whole competition it was time for Square Dancing. It's so fun to see the kids get into the Virginia Reel and all these different partner dances. The room was foggy from their sweat and it smelled like adolescence.

Then it was time for the most anticipated event of the weekend-- Skit Night. Counselors and teachers take turns performing on stage. The kids are such an attentive audience and they love seeing us up there being ridiculous.

One of my favorite characters is Dirk Pygorney (aka Mr. Brown). Mrs. Quigly has been making nuggets of different teachers this year and tonight they busted out a Dirk nugget during the skit. Now I want a nugget of Miss Wright.

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