Monday, October 21, 2013

"So how long have you two been serving together?"

We're back in the Devoe basement gym for Monday night Campaigners. KCraig and I were talking about this room the other day and she said, "I just love how homey it feels." It's funny to think of a gym being homey but I think she's right. After all the nights we've spent in here for Campaigners and Wyld Life Club this place feels comfortable and familiar. I love that.
Krafty, one of my oldest camp friends, is back in Indy this week and I invited him to come check out HSE Young Life. A couple years ago he led Carmel YL with me and then he started leading with Great Falls YL once he moved to Montana. Our friendship started with Camp Tecumseh back when we were CILTs together, but now it's so cool to be having conversations about this YL ministry and community.
Natty B greeted Kraft with a hug because camp people are automatically friends. All the leaders made him feel welcome and Ryan had him sharing and really being part of their small group with the guys. I'm thankful for a team where when we say people are welcome we really mean it.

At this point we have so many YL kids that we're connected too but they can't all necessarily come every single week. That means that you'll never have the exact same group of kids coming together. Each Monday night it's exciting to see which ones will come through the door. We're in between sports seasons right now so more of our girls can easily come which I love.

I'm thrilled about girls like Leah and Jessica who have recently been hooked by what's going on here. It's exciting to be part of this group that's bigger than ourselves. I was so encouraged to see some Juniors that came a couple times last year and some new Seniors that I got to meet tonight.

I think the transition of bringing Wyld Life kids into Young Life can be tricky for any area. Wyld Life kids love Club and our teacher leaders get to see our kids every single day. Once they've moved to the Freshmen Center it's more difficult to stay connected with all of them and their schedules get more hectic. So how do you keep them coming back to Young Life and keep them plugged in? KCraig and I love these Freshmen girls and working to keep being part of their life is so important to us. So many of our boo-boos (as KCraig calls them) got to come tonight.

Ryan led us in a few worship songs to start the night together like normal. Singing together is one of my favorite parts. Krafty and I kept telling him, "Just one more song!" until we'd sung more than our usual set list. We're kicking around the idea of having a songfest Campaigners next month. It could be pretty sweet.

Tonight's Campaigner's conversation was one I think I'll remember for a really long time. Tonight I'm thankful for these girls, for getting fired up about God's love, for His attention to detail, for the power of His name and how he intimately knows each one of us. I'm excited for how we're encouraging one another to grow closer to Christ and continually building this YL family.

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