Sunday, October 20, 2013

"I'm taking it as a Brooklyn yolo opportunity."

This was a weekend of laziness and friends, of sleeping in and my favorite things.
not waking up to an alarm
blogging in Starbucks while it rained outside
a quote from my sister

watching movies and finishing friendship bracelets
going for my first run since I broke my toe
having YL girls over in place of camping out
devouring boxes of bagel bites and donuts
quality time with Natty B and Alli Sams

going to church at the Broad Ripple Common Ground
singing and writing and listening and experiencing Christ in all of those things
sharing church with Natty B

collaging with JCrew pics and friendship bracelet string
watching a classic underrated chick flick
being so domestic and making gourmet Texas caviar

Tonight KCraig posted a Pinterest Potluck party at her house for the Wyld Life leaders. Everyone showed up with mounds of delicious food. Maddy Wilson brought an Asian salad and apple pie bites. Ryan and Lauren brought corn dip. Alex made witch's hat cookies. I brought Texas caviar.

Mariah came with chocolate covered strawberries and insane cookies that were cookie dough, an Oreo and brownie all baked together. Jesse G loved the Texas caviar and was literally eating it by the spoonful.

KCraig made macaroni and cheese in the crock pot with half a dozen cheeses. Chad rolled in with crazy intense twice baked potatoes that were filled with cheese, bacon, onion and eggs.

Jacob made an awesome cookie pie but he almost fell apart when his caramel sauce exploded in the microwave. Brannt and Jesse were best friends all night long--playing on the porch, swinging on Brannt's leg and wrestling on the couch.

After we couldn't handle another bite of food we switched to game mode in the living room. Fishbowl is my favorite and I loved playing the game with these folks. There were some dicey rounds for both of us but in the end Team Awesome (KCraig, Lauren, Mariah, Brannt and I) did come out with a win.

We played a round of family, had texting races, tried to pop popcorn, discussed our favorite apps and screamed a lot.

Hanging out with this part of my YL fam was the perfect way to finish out the weekend.

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