Thursday, October 3, 2013

I love days like today

Every Fall the Student Counsel decorates pumpkins and then delivers them to teacher's classrooms. Today two girls delivered this pig pumpkin to my room. I'm impressed with their creativity. Maybe all pumpkins should look like pigs from now on.

I was thrilled when Katy Puzz, Hope Vigren, Caitlin Jones and Rachel Wilson all came from the HS to hang out at FBC with us this afternoon. I had Katy draw on the white board to explain how to do the hardcore. Not long ago she was one of the Jr High kids sitting on the floor and now she can teach them what to do.

Today I pulled up a chair next to Caroline, Hannah and Kylie to work on diagonal stripe bracelets. These girls are all in my class right now and they are each so smiley and precious. I loved getting to just talk with them about TSwift and things they love and people they want to be better friends with.

Rachel and Caitlin snuck down to my classroom during FBC and wrote all over the white board, put post-it notes around my computer screen and made signs for my desk. This was my favorite part:

Tonight I got to go watch the Freshmen volleyball team's game against Noblesville. Genna showed up which made me so happy because we got to sit together. We loved yelling for the girls and watching our friends play. I love that the girls on the court come together in this group hug/huddle between every single point.

On and off the court, these girls are amazing. Genna and I were talking about how cool it is that we love every single girl on this team. It makes it so fun to watch them play when we're connected to all of them.

I was so pumped to go to dinner with Hannah and Haleigh tonight. This pair is hilarious, so positive and always fun. They're both so busy so I really love when I get to spend time with them like this. We all just love heart to hearts and queso and crocs with socks and getting really excited.

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