Monday, October 7, 2013

"It's not a life or death situation but..."

Every Spring I get to come back to Tecumseh for a week. HSJH takes a field trip to my favorite place on Earth and I get to come with my students. Instead of teaching in room 124 and supervising the hallways I get to be back in Main Field with hundreds of kids who are running around having the time of their life. 

Hanging out with the HS counselors that lead our 7th graders is one of my favorite parts. I know more and more of them with each year because they're my old students and current YL kids. This session I get to hang out with Peyton, Lauren, Maggie, Chad, Meg and more. It's so fun to hang out with my 7th graders and show them part of why I love this place so much.

This afternoon the kids were split up in their study groups all over camp. Their lessons take them to the Black Hole, biomes in the Pine and Oak Forests, canoeing in the lake and everywhere in between.

I went on a Wal-Mart run in the afternoon for camp supplies with Kriger and her daughter Meghan. We all share a cupcake obsession so it's become a tradition to have a cupcake snack on the way back home.

After dinner tonight I got to run Capture the Bucket for all of the students and counselors. Everyone got face paint during dinner that split them up into four different teams for the four quadrants of Main Field.  The kids ran around stealing buckets from the other teams crates and tried to defend their own. It's half an hour of amazing organized chaos.

Next we split the kids in half-- one group plays Crazy Olympics in the Main Lodge while the other half goes to the CAC for dancing. Our new addition to the camp program is a Just Dance tournament. Four teams compete for points in a Wii competition and it's amazing.

For each round the student representative holding the controller can earn a team point if they get the highest score on the screen. But you can earn two team points for the best group participation. Everyone is on their feet, doing the dance, singing the words and smiling and laughing. I love seeing 150 kids all dancing in sync with one another. I'm glad I'll get to watch this every night.

My partner in crime here at camp is fellow teacher Amanda Kriger. She's one of the Camp Directors of the program and I get to help her out with lots of different tasks during the week. Tonight we made the run to Pizza Hut with Meghan for the HS kids' pizza party and brought back 20 pizzas. Then Quigley and I had quite the adventure all over Main Field looking for a lost sweatshirt, scouring the grass with my brights on and saving lives. It was one of the nights when you just can't stop laughing.

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