Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Today's Letters

Dear Caroline,
Oh My Gosh. You are ridiculous. Thank you for making me laugh today. Can you please stay in my class all year long? Today you dramatically collapsed on the ground after hitting your hand, you made weird faces every time you talked and danced across the room like a ballerina whenever you had a question.I don't know if I could handle this kind of awesomeness and energy every day, but today it was very much appreciated. Keep being fabulous. p.s. Love the sock bun on top of your head.

Dear Milly, Jovie, Lucy, Lexi and Ellie,
I loved having a lunch date with all of you in room 124 today. Brilliant idea Milly. I'd forgotten how fun it was to pull you girls out of lunch like I used to do last time I had 5th period prep. You five are hilarious and made my day that much more fun. Ellie-thanks for teaching me your grape catapult technique. I'm totally going to whip that out in the teacher's lounge and the party room.

Dear Wednesday,
Thank you for feeling so much like a Friday. Granted, I still have to come to work tomorrow while my students start their Fall Break, but today still seems like a holiday. I'm all about wearing jeans and spirit wear, playing the pencil game in the hallway and singing with Mr. Hodgin. "Wednesday, Wednesday, but it  feels like Friday. We're so excited for Fall Break, Fall Break."

Dear Katy P and Rachel,
So glad we could get back to our usual routine of devouring chips and salsa faster than our waiter can replenish them. Even when we don't get the point of the Mumford Song I love that you both still want to keep talking about Jesus beyond what's on the sheet. Your hearts are so big and I'm thankful for your desire to keep growing. I love you girls.

Dear Haunted Trail Haunters,
You're scary. And creepy. And good at making serious faces in the dark to freak people out. Mad props to all your hard work and planning the past few weeks. You all did a great job tonight out there in the woods. I hope you stayed warm out there the whole time and that you won't give yourself nightmares tonight.

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