Friday, May 30, 2014

"But no one eats the monarch butterflies because they taste bad. Gold is my favorite color. Yellow is my house."-

Today is one of the most exciting days of the entire year. I started as Miss Wright and ended as Sar. I left room 124 and ended in a bunk in Chippewa cabin. It's been an awesome day.

On the last day of school at HSJH everyone dresses up for awards. The kids all got to carry around their phones all day so of course took a whole lot of pictures. I will miss Audrey and Elyse so much. 

4th period has been one of the most entertaining classes I've ever had. I love Helen Zhang and that she rocks her family restaurant New China. Maddy Wade is precious and kind and I love hearing her stories.

Sean Williams is one of the biggest suck-ups I've ever had and I will miss him so much. Somehow you can't help but love @seanwilliamsyo when he's giving you compliments left and right. Gavin (aka Javin) is a beast and and I loved getting to have him as a student. Klink aka Androx has been a key player in this class, just like he is on the court, and he will be missed.

I don't know how I got so lucky, but I got the best kids in my class this year. Victoria's sweetness, Kate and Cecilia are so weird together and Caroline is not only an awesome person but she won my Comp award for the highest grade today.

I visited kids in all three lunches today. There was one last lunch crew picture. These kids restored my faith in middle school boys and I will miss them so much. I'm praying that they'll show up to YL in HS so that I can see them again.  Today there were cookie cakes hidden under tables, 212 award predictions and lots of yearbook signings.

We watched HS Musical 2 in class all day long and Troy and Gabriella are still singing, "You Are the Music In Me" and "Gotta Go My Own Way" in my head. My favorite tradition is at the very end of the day when all of the teachers go outside and wave to buses as they pull away. The kids arms are stretched out the windows and it's like a scene in a movie... like at the beginning of HS Musical 2 when everyone runs out of school singing, "What time is it? Summer time. We're on vacation!"

I literally ran through the school hallway so I could switch from my teacher dress to my nike shorts and tshirts. Two minutes later I was in my car and on my way to Tecumseh. The rest of the staff arrived earlier in the day and I couldn't wait to arrive.

I made it just in time to move into Chippewa and then meet up with all of the cabins as they walked over to flagpole. Ellyn and Arielle raced to me first and attacked me with hugs. I found my cabin and hugged my counselors Anna and Liz, the other returners I know and met our new friends.

Todd and Mags are pumped for Pathfinders. Ellyn is the CAC Queen and loving her new found royalty.

I'm so excited to be here with some of my best friends in the world for the next ten weeks. Can't tell you how much Maggie, Smooncat, Arielle and Ellyn mean to me. These girls are my family.

All of the full time staff introduced themselves and their families. Arielle thinks that Brynn is me reincarnated which I'm fine with. Mark wore his kindergarten graduation hat and wrote notes for speech. He told us he wants his nickname this summer to be monarch caterpillar or monarch butterfly.  He told us some of his favorite things and a good joke.

The whole full time staff broke out in a flash mob once the introductions were over. It was phenomenal. Not only are Scott and Joel excellent dancers, but Keith was dancing with a turtle the whole time.

Chippewa dressed up as full time staff for opening campfire. Can you spot Ellyn, Mike and Mel, Jordan and Stacey, Luke and John Amy, Tom, Joel and Renee?

Mike and I (Mel) are expecting our child in October. Ellyn and Ellyn---- which one is the real one?

The cast of Rugrats...

 Center table...

Mel, Mel and Dumbledore. Dumbledore is Mel's blue car. We made it to Opening Campfire and we had all the camp kids with us. I loved seeing Sophie with her old counselors Becca and Molly and then with Fizz.

Mags, John Baney and Mike Jones competed in a fire building contest.

The crowd was on their feet cheering people on.

John ended up winning but afterwards we found out he had been given a fire starter and Mike had a lighter. So Mags was actually the real winner.

The Coords helped welcome everyone to the family. Later in devotions one of the new counselors in my cabin said, "My high of the day was that welcome to the family song, it was so sweet." I forget sometimes how much that song really means.

Back in Chippewa we sat in a circle for our first devotion of the summer. We talked about JOY, created cabin goals and prayed together. During staff training all of the counselors hang out in Scheumann at night till late. I walked over with Liz and Emily and the party was already started. It's going to be an awesome week.

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