Monday, May 26, 2014

"I thought I'd show you the monumental spot from last 4th of July."

Smooncat and I headed out from Tecumseh early Sunday morning to go check out a church in Lafayette. I've been going to the Fishers campus of Northview Church all year and they also have a Lafayette campus. We might start going there this summer.

I made it back to Fishers in time to meet up with Alana and Bailee for lunch. I hadn't seen this pair of girls in way too long. We wanted to make sure we would see each other before I left for camp for good. It was the best kind of lunch--lots of good talk and questions and ice cream to finish it off. Very thankful for those two.

I packed in a long run and used up some of the gift certificates that my bible study gave me Friday. It was one of the greatest presents because they figured out all of my very favorite things-- Starbucks for lattes on Friday, El Rodeo for chips and queso with YL girls, Dicks for Nike Shorts, Jo Ann Fabrics for friendship bracelet string and J Crew. I was blown away.

Monday I woke up late because it was glorious-no-school Memorial Day!  I picked up Julia to go to lunch for some gluten fries and taught her to start making the kaleidoscope bracelet. We went to the Vigren house to meet up with Hope and Katy for a Geist Lake Day. I love that these girls have all become friends and I hope that they'll keep hanging out this summer. 

Mrs. Vigren took all of us out tubing on the boat. Cecilia and her friends Jules and Natalie (all my 7th graders) got to come with us too. These six girls are total rock stars, the kind of people you can't help but have fun with.

We took turns tubing three at a time behind the boat. Their tube was HUGE--like a coach for three people. We never fell off but we're definitely soaring in the air over the wake and waves. It was awesome. 

Later in the afternoon Hope drove Katy and I on the jet ski all around the lake. She showed us Cocktail Cove on the opposite side of the lake, followed all of the Boat Driver rules, did a donut and made it really fun. I think I'm going to have to come back some Saturday this summer.

There may still be four days of school left but today definitely felt like summer. We were camp-fratting hard with snapbacks, nike shorts and backpacks. I'm so excited that very soon I will be wearing this every single day. Julia will be at Tecumseh week 1 and she is beyond pumped to experience everything she has heard about.

A trip to Handel's for ice-cream seemed like the summery thing to do so the oldest girls loaded in my car. It was the perfect last summery afternoon with these girls.

Tonight the Ruby's went to the Dewolf's house for dinner and I was invited to join the party too. These kids have known each other since they were born and are practically related. We ate inside but quickly ran out to play. 

Kelle Hampton, one of my favorite bloggers, is always doing fun chalk art with her daughter's Nella and Lainey. I showed the girls some of Kelle's pictures and then we decided to try it too with Lucy as our model.

I made Lucy blowing bubbles.

Elise drew Lucy playing in the rain.

Lucy made herself as a princess.

Julia made Lucy getting squirted by a whale.

The funniest part was positioning Lucy for each picture. I would stand on a chair with a camera while Julia and Elise pushed and pulled Lucy to be in the right spot. I was so proud of Lucy for being patient because her job was pretty difficult. 

The Dewolf's neighbor Evan is one of my students too and we've been saying for months that we need to play some basketball. Luckily he came over and we got to have a shoot off. He did his best but I got to five baskets first. #basketballneverstops

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