Sunday, May 18, 2014

"We did devotions on the blob and a guy cabin slept out in canoes-- I don't think those things will ever happen again."

Highs of the Day:

1. Church at Northview for the last time this year. I'll be at Tecumseh next Sunday while I'm working with CILT counselors and then there all summer. I'll miss showing up here every weekend but think I'll check out the Lafayette campus of this church.

2. The Bike Brigade today was made up of Alli Sams, Julia and Sophie. These girls are rock stars and I'd happily ride around the neighborhood with them every day even if they're still working on their bike riding skills.

3. Jackie and I got dinner together and chatted about Young Life and going to both Michindoh and Sharp Top this summer. I gave her more of the run down of what we do during the day and told her some more background on the girls that will be in her cabins. She has never led a cabin before but I have no doubt that she'll be fantastic.

4. Molly and Julia came over for Chick Flick Sunday. Sweet Home Alabama was playing but we were more focused on teaching a new bracelet pattern to Molls and helping Julia learn cheers she'll need to know at Tecumseh in a few weeks. These friends are the bomb and it was fun to be with both of them at the same time. I'm excited to be back at Tecumseh with Molls but know that I'll miss Julia while I'm away. Molly and I ended the night with DQ cones and old camp stories of ridiculous adventures.

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