Thursday, May 22, 2014

"Cami eats her friends and especially metal."

Remember the whole ridiculous Nike shirts thing? Rachel Phillips is a rock star and she made me my own FBC NEVER STOPS shirt. I got to wear it today for the last FBC of the year. Luckily Bowman was wearing his BASKETBALL NEVER STOPS shirt so we could take a picture together. I love this feud.

When art teacher Mrs. Quigley found some fabric in her classroom she started making aprons for all the art teachers. She offered to make me one too but I asked if she could make a cape instead. Today she showed up at my classroom door with a cape and my own Super Hero logo. I wore it for the rest of the day and raced down the hall a couple times so it would fly behind me. Talk about an excellent edition to the dress up box.

Tonight the Michindoh Wyld Life counselors gathered at Ryan's to talk about camp that's rapidly approaching. In just three weeks we will be at camp with 6 cabins of HSE kids. I'm so excited to lead with Jackie, KCraig, Abby, Molly, Lori, Austin, Brannt and Toddy. Our cabins stay a surprise until we get on the bus, but i'm so excited about my group of girls that I'll spend the week with. Talking through camp made me so excited for singing during club, one on ones all over camp, going down the water slide with our cabin, welcoming kids to meals and dressing up in crazy costumes. I'm so excited.

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