Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Celebration?! For ending Accutane?! Ok!!!"

I picked up Alex, Hope, Abby and Rachel after school for our last Wednesday meeting of the semester. I'm so glad that Katy P reached out to me at the beginning of the school year to ask me to do this with them. Even though it was pouring outside we opted to go get ice-cream since it's almost summer. We sat in Cold Stone as we wrote lists of the Top 10 memories of this school year, practiced making hair buns, looking at funny videos and telling stories. 

If I were a sophomore in HS I would absolutely love to be friends with this group of girls. They're silly and fun and kind. They want to know more about Jesus and they encourage each other to be more like him. They are ok with being different than the "norm" and sometimes they come off as being pretty weird. They're brave and adventurous and love dancing. I hope we'll continue this tradition next year.

Usually we each make our own list, but Alex was our note taker for a list of our favorite bible study moments from this past year:

Top 10 Moments From This Past School Year:

1. Spending Snowpocalypse snowed in at the Dewolf house
2. Timberwolf Winter Weekend when we came home after being there less than 24 hours
3. Meeting both Bob Goff and Shauna Niequist again
4. National FBC Day (and having expert bracelet makers in the club all year)
5. YL Dance Party Club when everybody came and we found out the next day was a snow day
6. Wyld Life Lock out All Nighter when we did Skyzone, the Fieldhouse, bowling and the movies all night 
7. Visiting CILT girls in Chicago multiple times
8. Talking to the 8th grade Lunch Crew boys everyday during B lunch
9. CILT Reunion right before Christmas with Smoon, JZ, Alex, Ellyn and our kids
10. Getting stuck in the Indy airport for a whole day with 22 kids and Mr. Hodgin when we were supposed to be in Washington DC

Tonight I got the opportunity to go to our Junior High Orchestra Concert. I'm always incredibly impressed with the caliber of musicality of all our students. Three different orchestras performed and they each did a fabulous job. I love hearing who they voted to receive the Most Improved, Best Musician, Leader and Most Spirited amongst their peers. Mr. Yoder asks the 8th grade students to each honor their most influential teacher and we all come to receive what they wrote about us. This year an awesome girl named Maddie picked me! I loved having her in class last year and it was such an honor to be chosen by her.

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