Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Oh the rain does great things for my hair."

Today was a classic Junior High day-- visiting with the lunch crew, laughing between assignments at the funny things my kids say, yelling, "What's going on?" at Maddie during passing period, soft jazz in 4th and sharing our stories. Today KCraig bought me a kitten poster from the school book fair because cats are her love language. 


Now that track is over I get to see the Fiesta girls again. Hope, Alex, Rachel and Abby all met me after school at El Rodeo. Sitting around our booth with chips, salsa and over an hour of conversation has been one of my favorite things about this year. These girls don't come to Young Life but they keep inviting me to keep showing up in their lives and I love it.

They're loud and goofy and fun. These girls go after adventure-- making plans to go blading, have picnics in tree houses, sleep out on the trampoline, go jet-skiing and making t-shirts for random occasions. They keep making the world a better place. I will miss them all while I'm away this summer.

After seeing Emily, Kayla and Mac briefly at Bob Goff on Monday night we decided we needed some intentional hang out time. The girls rode over to Fishers together so they could see my apartment which is filled with Emily's artwork. These are the kind of Young Life girls show up in their leader's life just as much as I show up in theirs. When we sat and talked tonight it was like no time had passed since our nights of sitting in a circle during campaigners. Their Senior year we had the weekly tradition of eating dinner at Bella Pizza on Mondays with all of their friends so of course we went to Bella tonight. When I hang out with them we never check our watches to see what time it is and conversation just bounces around the table from one thing to the next. I love old friendships like these that are so comfortable.

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