Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"But Wifi and TV are like the same thing. Cause Bill Clinton invented the internet. And the internet came before TV because like Netflix comes through the computer."

My friend Jamie from Hope College is now a teacher too. I saw a really cool project that she started at her school and I had to duplicate it here at HSJH. The premise is simple--a wall full of anonymous compliments. Today in class I had each of my students write an anonymous note to one of their friends about why that person is awesome. 

I stapled all the compliments to the bulletin board outside my classroom. Now during passing periods, kids stop to find the one they wrote and look to see if someone wrote them one. If people want to add to the wall I'll happily keep hanging up more compliments. 

After school today I got to stay with Libey and Brown for the first of three days of Camp Tecumseh Counselor Interviews. In the Fall my school takes all of our 7th graders on a Field Trip to Camp T and HS students lead the study groups and teach lessons. It's extremely competitive to get one of the spots. This year about 100 different students will interview for just 35 open slots. 

I loved seeing Young Life kids, old students I haven't seen since they left Junior High and new kids that I get to know a little bit in their interview. After their interview it's a bit easier to determine which kids would be the perfect fit for this program. It makes me so excited for the trip even though it's months away.

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