Thursday, May 15, 2014

"She is the prettiest, most loving, funniest and best sister you will ever find even though she changes the language on my phone to Spanish a lot."

Nike has this line of tshirts for boys that are half-hilarious and half-ridiculous. Mr. Hodgin and I like to take the shirts literally and tease the boys wearing them. Our favorite one is this, "Basketball never stops" shirt that a kid named Mason wears. We say, "Really?! It never stops?! What about when you sleep? What if you have to go to the bathroom? What if you get injured? Wow--NEVER?!" Mason just shakes his head and walks away. Last week we had a class vote about which one never stops--Basketball, Golf or FBC. I think it's obvious that golf stops all the time, but it's a closer debate between Basketball and FBC. My biggest argument is that FBC lives in our hearts so it can never stop. 

We were arguing about it again today because Mason wore his infamous shirt. Henry was really getting into the argument when he claimed that he could make friendship bracelets too. He asked for a piece of string and I handed one over. Then he realized he actually needed a couple pieces of string and a piece of tape. Henry spent the rest of 10 Minute Write making me a tornado bracelet and further proving the fact that FBC never stops.

FBC met after school this afternoon for one of the last times of the school year. I made up a silly new relay that had girls racing around the room to do things like hit the tops of the doorways, lick someone's foot, spin around 20 times, get a mouthful of water, touch the four corners of the room, propose to someone and do 5 cartwheels. Eventually most of us get to the actual bracelet making part of the club. Maddie committed to her string today and got 12 rows done while Julia just kept holding her head and wailing, "But bracelets are soooo harrrrdddddd." These girls are the bomb. If only they could come to friendship bracelet clinic all summer long.

I was a timer for the last home track meet of the season for our kids. It was wet, cold and cloudy outside--not exactly ideal conditions. But I had a great time talking with the other teacher timers and cheering on all of our kids. We have amazing students and it's so fun to see them in a whole different environment instead of only behind their desk or walking down the hallway.

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