Friday, May 30, 2014


Finally the 2014 Dodgeball Tournament arrived. Manifest Destiny, who had been destined by God to drive out the competition and win it all, was pumped and ready to win. Our team included 8th grade boys: Johnny, Rhye, Kevin and Dugan and 7th grade girls: Maggie, Cecilia, Cami and Julia. We had all been talking mad game all week and were ready to show everyone what we were made of. #westwardho


Just kidding. We lost. In our first game. But we tried our best. We actually put up a good fight and each team only had a couple players left in the end. We won in our hearts though so at least we've got that going for us.

There were still plenty of teams left to play and the Manifest Destiny girls screamed our hearts out. Yelling for players was easily my favorite part of the whole thing. I loved the Lumberjacks outfits, rooted for Runge This Town and screamed for the Dragon Slayers.

In the end Jackson's team won it all. Over a hundred kids participated in this year's tournament--makes me proud and thankful to be a part of HSJH. I think next year I'm going to name my team Stomach Acid--intimidating, intense and ridiculous.

STAFF TRAINING STARTS TOMORROW! Tonight Brooke helped me pack up my car with everything I'll need for the next 10 weeks. We decided this would also be the worst day of the year to get my car stolen because all of my favorite things are loaded in there right now from my spirit jerseys to nike shorts, snapbacks to party tanks and my signed copies of Cold Tangerines and Love Does. So far, so good-- the car is safe. I'm almost finished with friendship bracelets for the year as well. I'll finish up one or two tomorrow and then call it quits until August. I can't wait to pass them all out to people.

Brookie and I surprised Julia with a slushie at her house while she was studying for finals. I'm going to miss these girls so much but know that we'll still find ways to see each other this summer. Sharp Top together in July is going to be beyond amazing. 

Brooke and I had one last Steak n' Shake date. We made a list of some of our favorite memories together this year and told lots of stories. If only we could hang out all the time and I could bring Brooke to school and camp with me. I love being around her because she's genuine and goofy and kind and positive and loves adventure. So thankful for her friendship.

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