Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"It's really bad when motorcycles fall over-- haven't you seen Sponge Bob?"

I spotted Evan's shirt in the hall this morning and came up with a plan right away. I stood in the hall before 7th period, Evan's class, waiting with this painted rock I have in my classroom. When Evan walked by wearing his, "Give me the rock," shirt I said, "Here ya go!" and handed him the rock. Evan just smiled nervously, said thank you and walked in the room. Hodgin, Libey and I were all cracking up and pretty sure he didn't get the joke yet. We kept telling him to look down so he would see his shirt. The rest of the class caught on first and started telling Evan to look down too. Finally it clicked and a huge smile appeared on his face. "Oh I get it. That's pretty funny Miss Wright. That's a good one."

Tonight I was a very big night--the Friendship Bracelet Draft. For the past three summers I've made a large amount of bracelets before the start of the summer. This year's pile is larger than it has ever been before. Julia really wanted to help me sort them all so I picked her up after dinner. I added the most recent pile of bracelets (the ones in the picture below) and then we looked at all 187 of them together. I fully realize that this is semi-absurd and that I've become obsessed. Maybe I was a child making bracelets in a third world country in another life and maybe I should have my own episode of "My Strange Addiction." But I think if you're going to be addicted to something this is a pretty great choice.

Julia and I matched bracelets to all of the people that will be getting one this summer. Then I put tape flags on them with the person's name so I can remember who they belong too. They all go on metal rings in alphabetical order so I can find them quickly when we're running around camp. I can't wait to be able to finally give them to all my camp people.

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