Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Can I go to Old Life Camp? No kids allowed!"

For our last early Friday morning together we talked about the difference between joy and happiness and read Cold Tangerines together. These girls totally get whimsy, adventure, fun, creativity and celebration-- my hope is that they realize that our joy comes from Christ and this gift of life we get to live.

I love that when we come back in August I'll get to keep meeting with this group again for a whole other year. I'll get to share Wyld Life camp with some of them and I'm stoked. These girls are fantastic.

After weeks of begging and pleading I finally gave in and let the Lunch Crew eat lunch in my classroom. It was all civilized and calm while they ate lunch in a circle. They even took turns playing hang man on the white board.

Once they finished eating they got a little crazy. They had country music playing on Youtube, they added a couple hundred selfies to my phone and they discovered Donovan could fit in my drawer. It was a lunch we won't forget.

Hannah and Caroline were my students first semester but they have continued to show up in my classroom... approximately 7 times a day which is a lot considering we have 7 periods. These two are crazy and hyper on a regular basis. Hannah and I scream "HI!"to each other in the hallway. Line and I often wear chambray shirts together and she knows my wardrobe better than I do. I affectionately call them weirdos and I will miss them both.

I had one last dinner with Emma, Milly and Linnea tonight. We've been hanging out all year and know that will be a lot more difficult once school ends. Milly is moving to Ohio and Emma is going to Cathedral next year. They will both be missed around here but I have no doubt that they will quickly find friends and feel at home in their new schools.

Top 10 Things About Staff Training I Can't Wait For:
1. Walking to the LV chapel every morning with a cup of coffee in hand
3. CILT counselor sleep out
4. Finding out my staff training cabin
5. Leading the teams course with Mike, Smoon and Arielle during rotations
6. Hanging out with my friends for a WHOLE week
7. Starting to get mail at camp
8. Laughing every single day
9. Daily pics with Ellyn #yeartwo
10. Finding out everyone else's unit, cabin and partner

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