Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco De Mayo Club #hiphip #jorge

Today was a marathon. I met with KCraig, Trulock and Ryan right after school to talk about cabins for camps this summer. Next I ran just over 4 miles (blister-free!) to get ready for the race this weekend. Then I went back to the Jr High for the Camp Tecumseh Field Trip Counselor call out meeting. Finally I headed to Young Life with a car full of girls.

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! Having a fiesta was an obvious choice for our last Young Life Club of the school year. My carload arrived just as things were really getting started. 

Brannt and Chad were both dressed well for tonight but they couldn't have been more on opposite ends of the spectrum. Tonight was the last Club night for Seniors Mariah, Hayley and Sherisa. These girls will be very missed next year when they all head off to school. I'm glad we've still got a couple weeks left in Fishers together.

I don't know what I would do without these Freshmen girls. Olivia, Julia, Alli Sams and Kaelyn make every day a fiesta and I'm so excited for most of them to be at Sharp Top this summer.

KCraig was loco tonight and Audrey had a fantastic outfit per usual. We played a 3-person mixer called Rice, Beans and Queso. Everyone walked around until Ryan called a combination and the teammates had to stack themselves in the correct order of food. Hilarity followed.

Kocher, our resident dancer extraordinaire, taught us her ways with a really fun mixer that had us rapidly switching partners and dancing down the middle of the room.

Then we got partners and learned a dance with a lot of, "Rock, step, cha cha cha. Rock, step, cha cha cha," with a couple turns thrown in.

We passed out Taco Bell tacos which were pretty delicious despite being two hours old.  I couldn't tell you the last time I ate anything from Taco Bell.

We sang a few more songs together before Jorge gave the Club talk. A few weeks ago one of our HS guys started this amazing thing where someone yells, "HIP! HIP!" and everyone else in the room yells, "JORGE!" We love it. It never gets old. We yelled it at least a dozen times tonight.

Jorge has been involved with Young Life for this whole school year and it's been really neat to see him build relationships and share his faith here. Tonight he gave his testimony and told us about how he found Christ and decided to follow him. Jorge is originally from El Salvador and his life is a reflection of God's unchanging love, forgiveness and restoration.

Drew came to Young Life for the first time tonight and we were so happy to see Kayla back again. This group keeps changing and evolving and we love it. Everyone is welcome here.

Now a story:

There once was a pinata named Tito Chico Paco, or something like that.

We all took turns whacking Tito with a giant stick while he swung around and was pulled up and down. Sometimes Tito attacked us back.

Finally we couldn't wait any longer. We ripped Tito from his rope and Brannt helped punch him apart. There was an eruption of Mexican candies and sweets.

We were all so happy because of the treats that had been stuffed inside of Tito.

KCraig found her spirit animal and Natty B was content with her stockpile of Tito's inner gifts. All was well in the world.

We all know how to cha cha cha. Hip Hip Jorge shared his story of finding faith. We discovered that Taco Bell is still edible hours later. If we ever need to play Human Jenga we're ready. Our amigos and amigas rock. We won't be running out of Mexican taffy candy any time soon. The fiesta was a success.

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