Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend Highlights

1. The Pizza Bagel Posse came to my room for lunch again but this time we actually had pizza bagels. They're goofy and fun and weird and I like this new tradition.
2. We've been writing Super Hero stories in class this week so we got to watch the first half of The Incredibles today. I don't think I've ever seen it before, but now I've seen the same 45 minutes six times in a row. Can't wait to see how it all ends next Friday.

3. I took Ernie and Auggie on a walk Friday afternoon with Emily. I held Auggie's leash the whole time which is a very big deal for me. I love getting to just walk and talk with Em.
4. We walked all the way to Rachel's new apartment to check it out. She's moving this weekend and it's exciting to be starting something new.
5. I spent the night at the Glanders' house because we'd be waking up so early on Saturday. We ate dinner together, talked about camp alumni and even made a late night run for cheesecake.
6. Saturday morning while Eric ran, Emily and I cheered at the Indy Mini Marathon. So many people, so fun, so exciting.
7. Molly Henry was home so we had a dinner date at Arni's for pizza and Diet Coke and then went to the movies. The movie was hilarious and so were the people around us which made it even funner.
8. Sunday morning I went to church at Common Ground with Jenna and Libby, two sophomore YL girls. I was thrilled that they came and that we could to go to lunch after and catch up.

9. Next weekend I'm running a 10k with my sister Katie and I recently got new shoes to help my feet. Sunday afternoon I successfully ran over 3 miles without getting any blisters! Now just to double that distance in the race...
10. I randomly got to see Brooke for 10 minutes while I was picking up some car seats from someone in her neighborhood. She's so great.
11. Late this afternoon the Bike Brigade got back together and added Laura and Rachel to the crew.

12. We made a pitstop at the Dewolf house to see our friends. Livvy and Lucy were going crazy on the trampoline with their styrofoam outfits. Julia and Janelle came outside to say hi. Manning was really excited to see me which was funny--even more surprising is that I think Manning and I are friends.

13. The Bike Brigade rolled around the neighborhood for a long time, went off-roading by the creek and finished by jumping on Elise's new trampoline.

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