Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I'm so proud that I work at HSJH. This school rocks. Not only are we incredibly successful academically, but we have this super involved student body and staff. Events like the school talent show, the musical and the Amazing Race all show that people want to be involved. Today was the first day of our third annual dodge ball tournament. 

Students draft a team of four girls, four boys and one teacher. They come up with a team name and uniform then talk a whole lot of game about how they're going to win. It has been quite the popular conversation around her for a couple weeks and today we finally got to see some action.

The gym was packed with 19 teams and a whole lot of spectators after school. My team didn't even compete today, we got a by till Thursday, but Cecilia and I came to stake out the competition and friendship bracelet as we watched. We screamed and cheered and heckled and yelled at our friends on the court as they played.

Everyone had their guesses as to who would win today, but you just never know what's going to happen in dodge ball. Most of the "best" teams got out and and the underdogs are rising above. My team is stoked to play on Thursday. We've got four 7th grade girls and four 8th grade guys and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

I love watching such a huge chunk of our student body come together to do something like this. It's amazing to see 27 teachers that are willing to coach one of these teams and show up after school to play. We don't have to do any of this, but people want to go the extra degree.

Tonight I met Alli and Molly at Mellow Mushroom, the official pizza place for Tecumseh counselors in Indy. We've been eating here together since 2010 and have consumed countless cups of Diet Coke at our middle booth in the back. Our order is always a cheese pizza for Molly, pepperoni for me and a pepperoni and garlic calzone for Alli. It seemed fitting that we would gather here one more time before we kick off summer 2014 in just three short days. I love these girls and can't wait to work with them both in the River Village again soon.

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