Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning and dressed for the River Bank Run. Mom came over to stay with Lincoln and Redford while Dad drove us into Grand Rapids for the race. Katie, Nick and I have all been training and we're pumped to actually to get this thing underway.

Katie and I started in the corral and then ran through the pack together for the first half mile. When we started Katie said, "I'm listing to O Praise Him by David Crowder Band. What are you listening to?" I yelled back, "What the Hell by Avril Lavigne."

Running through streets lined with fans, cheerleading teams, signs and water stations makes everything a lot more exciting. I was trucking when I made it to the 2 mile mark. I never saw the sign for mile 4 so I thought it was the longest mile ever when I finally made it to 5. That's about the time we started going up hill and my iPod died. I was not about to give up or start walking though so I got creative. I sang the Fifty Nifty United States in my head, listed 50 Young Life girls and sang a couple CILT cheers. I saw Dad in the crowd at mile 6 and then it was a surge to finish that last .2 miles.

WE DID IT! No walking for any of us in this race. We were all happy with our times and confident that we can do this again next year.

Back at home Lincoln was busy playing outside. Mom and I watched him ride his bike and use his shovel on the wood chips. He's such a charmer. 

The whole family drove into Zeeland for lunch at a burger place. We ate fries and cheeseburgers around a circle table as we talked.

We stopped at a bakery down the street for dessert and then walked to the Seed Store to pick out some new things to plant in the garden. I loved just being with my whole family--these people are the best.

We took naps once we got back home and played outside a little more. While Nick and Linc went off to the hardware store, Katie and I took Redford on some fun errands. We got to wander the aisles of Target, sip on half priced Frappuchinos, find craft supplies at Micheal's and hunt for new Nike shorts for the summer.

We met the boys back at home for dinner--wings for Nick and Linc, burritos for Katie and I. Redford was all giggles and Linc was showing us how he can be a rhino.

Sunday morning all of the Wrights and Dekosters went to church at Central Wesleyan for Redford's baby dedication.

The pastor prayed for Red and each of the other babies as their parents and the church committed to raising him in a community and home of faith. We love lil Red and pray that he will know and love Jesus with all his heart.

We watched an entire family be baptized together and heard from moms who are in four different stages of life. It was a really cool service.

"God is most honored when we live... and believe... that He is present and active, even when the evidence of His activity is hard to find." -Andy Stanley

The whole family came back to my parents house for brunch to celebrate Red's dedication. Nick has three siblings who are each married and they all have kids. When all of us get together it is a lot of people and a lot of fun!

After we finished eating we walked down the street to the little public access spot that has recently become a little beach. All of the kids got busy playing in the sand and the shallow water.

I'm so glad I could be with my mom Beth and sister Katie on this Mother's Day. They're two of the very best moms that I know-- incredibly loving, patient, encouraging, creative, welcoming and kind. I couldn't ask for two better people in my life.

The water was chilly but that didn't stop these kids from getting their legs wet.

This was finally my opportunity for the Cold Water Challenge that Emily Parkes nominated me for last Wednesday. If I didn't jump in cold water I would have to pay money to the charity of her choice. I ran in the lake so now I nominate Ellyn Hessong, Olivia Odle and Cecilia Vigren to either jump in cold water or pay money to Tecumseh Camperships.

I drove back to Indy in the afternoon and made it back with enough daylight to go on a ran all the way through Grey Eagle and back. My legs are sore but I'm currently loving all this running. It's been an awesome weekend.

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