Friday, May 9, 2014

"We'll be Manifest Destiny and yell 'Westward Ho!' at the start of each game."

I love starting Friday mornings off with bible study girls. I never want to take for granted that I have the opportunity to share my faith with my students-- I know that isn't a given for most teachers. Because of parents and kids that have invited me into their lives and into their homes, I have this gift of time to share and teach them. Today we talked about the disciples, about the people have been our cloud of witnesses and how we need to keep pointing people back to Christ. 

Right after school the cafeteria filled with students, teachers and parents ready to watch the Panther Showcase Talent Show. Since I first started teaching, this has always been one of my favorite school events. I am always blown away by what our students are capable of and love seeing their talents that may not be recognized in the classroom really shine onstage. I sat in the front row with a crowd of very excited 8th grade girls.

Maggie did a gymnastics routine on the beam that would have caused most of us to break our legs. Max and Dustin had a drum off-- the loser will have to cut off their hair which is a really big deal for both of these guys whose hair covers their eyes. Lucy and Dalton came up with a comedy skit of 100 ways to ditch your friends that had us laughing. Nick played a mash up of his five favorite songs on the piano and all the girls around me sang along. Abigail did Irish Dancing and Lauren did ballet. There were eight different signing acts and all of them did an awesome job. The winners were a group of 8th grade boys--Matt rapped Ice, Ice Baby while the other three danced in the background. My personal favorite with a traditional Indian dance by Rupali and Neha. Their outfits were crazy and awesome and I wanted to have them teach their moves to all of us.

I drove up to MI and got to Katie and Nick's house after 9 o'clock. We didn't stay up too late because tomorrow was going to be a very big day.

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