Thursday, May 22, 2014

This is Miss Wright

My students recently made "Yearbook Pages" to depict characters with a partner. They also made a character description about one of the staff members in our building. After getting to know me this semester a handful of groups chose to draw and write about me. I love seeing what they come up with. 

Miss Wright loves Kid President and Bob Goff.
She is a 7th grade Comp teacher.
She has crazy topics for 10 Minute Writes.
Miss Wright lives the dream.
She works at Camp Tecumseh.
She is unforgettable and very creative.
She loves blogs and writes one called Overlap.
She is a Young Life and Wyld Life leader.
She is a very fast reader and loves books.
She loves shopping at J Crew.

She went to Hope College.
She loves side pony braids.
Miss Wright wears her aztec hat that is really colorful a lot.
She has a lot of colorful Nike running shorts.
She wears at least five friendship bracelets on each arm at all times.
Her classroom is covered in inspirational quotes and motivating posters.
She keeps her hair back in a clip.
Her nephews are Redford and Lincoln.
She did the Color Run on May 17, 2014.
She created Friendship Bracelet Club.
She believes in God.
She always smiles with her mouth open.
She make an average of 3.5 bracelets a day.
She is friends with Mr. Hodgin.
Her second home is Camp Tecumseh.
She goes on the DC trip every year with 8th graders.

She does Wolf Shirt Wednesday at Tecumseh.
She makes friendship bracelet lanyards out of string scraps.
She has Awesome Tuesdays during the school year.
She does No Pants Wednesdays during school.
She enjoys listening to smooth jazz.
She says, "What the hobb" and "Good talk" a lot.
Usually she wears Sperry's.
If you ask her what time it is she says, "Taylor Time."
Her dad used to run Camp Tecumseh.
She loves T-Swizzle.
Her middle name is Michelle.
She has one older sister named Katie.
She's obsessed with Diet Coke and likes sour candy.
Miss Wright is the kind of teacher that cheers you up if you're having a bad day.

She loves to make friendship bracelets and is really good at it.
She has an addiction to bracelets.
She is always carrying around her black camera.
She doesn't like the move Elf, the color purple or animals.
One of her best friends is KCraig.
She loves the app 2048.
Miss Wright loves to live life to the fullest.
She's someone you want to be around.
Her Instagram is @sarmwright.
Miss Wright loves her Camelbak water bottle.
Miss Wright gives a lot of homework but she grades papers very quickly.
Miss Wright is always positive and almost everyone thinks she's awesome.

 She went to Hope College.
Her favorite color is rainbow.
She lives at her apartment.
She loves her campers.
She doesn't have a lot of food at her house because she eats out a lot.
She likes going biking.
She acts like a kid.
She says, "Friendship Bracelet Club never stops" and I believe her.
She makes school fun every day.
Miss Wright loves to laugh.
She is rarely ever sad.
Miss Wright is more of an outside person.
She has a lot of friends.
She drinks Starbucks coffee on Friday mornings unless she has a gift card another day.
She is always wearing colorful things.
Miss Wright is 27 years old and her birthday is Feb 9th.

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