Sunday, May 31, 2015

"There may be flies on people whose table's average age is lower than 23.6!"

"My high of the day was all the songs at chapel this morning and hanging out with my cookout group." -Amanda

"Everything about the great outdoors-- but mostly s'mores." -Katherine

"Coming up with RFAJWD with the CILT counselors and hanging out with my nature day group." -Sarah Wright

"The papa______iyas... By that I mean the amazing memories I made with the papayas." -Kristin

"Making sporks look like Batman and singing the Batman song with Amanda." -Whitney

"Being a Brazilian." -Molly Henry

"Fabiano taught me how to make a fire." -Kathryn

"Getting a goal in Circle Rules Football or whatever sport it is." -Erin O'Awesome

"Making lots of new friends and playing with camp kids at the hobo dinner." -Katie

"Somehow making it up the hill to South Pasture (que The Script- Still Alive But I'm Barely Breathing)." -Amy

"Being reunited with camp friends." -Liz Koch

"Building a fire with Molly Brunner and hobo dinners with my outdoors group." -Ellyn

"When Matt Radding laughed at the things I said lol." -Emily Lanigan Jones

"I built a fire super fast and got to spend six hours roaming through the woods with new friends." -Emily Harlow

"Holding a snake." -Abby Bien

"Doing surgical procedures to get ticks out because it's literally a freckle with legs." -Kerri

"I MADE A FIRE!" -Anna Gibbons

"I really loved when the snake crawled up my sleeve. That really brought me closer to nature." -Maddy

"Building a fire and learning what poison ivy looks like." -Diggy

"It took me two hours and it was only like a foot tall but I started my own fire with the help of Emily Harlow, 3 boxes of matches and about 2 full trees worth of pine needles." -Rotto

"Singing with Erin." -Alli

"Hobo dinners and talking to new staff about what they're excited about." -Kevyn

"When I was holding the snake Keith said she seemed especially calm and relaxed with me-- aka Rosie and I are best friends." -Emma

"Getting to be part of Women's Journey planning surrounded by so many women I've looked up to for so many years at camp. And I held my first chicken EVER today!" -Molly

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