Sunday, July 19, 2015

"First of all, I'm such a feminist. Oh. My. Gosh."

After four whole hours of sleep last night after Taylor Swift, the camp counselors woke up and headed back to Tecumseh. There's no Session 4 moving in to the Longhouse today, just Warrior girls for Hopi and Choctaw and Blazer boys for Abnaki.

I was thrilled when Katie Giovani showed up because her sister came to camp today. Katie had only been gone for a day but I missed her already. I hate that now I probably won't see her till the reunion in December.

Choctaw's first big nature find of the week was this little turtle guy just walking down the lake road. Nikki is brave and picked him right up.

Camp is still awesome as a Warrior but totally different than being a CILT counselor. Today we got to go to clinic raps before dinner, eat in Scheumann, take the all village picture at the Lookout and then our cabin photo and learn the Warrior cheer all before Opening Campfire. So many things!

One of the great parts of being in the LV is getting to see friends like Kerri, Abby, Makenzie, Amy, Kristin and Shannon. I was so happy when Ellyn returned to us after check-in. At this point, it's just not Choctaw if Ellyn's not around.

We dressed up for Opening Campfire tonight as some of our favorite holidays. I wonder if you can figure out what we all are. 

I'm so excited to be partners with Kat for the end of the summer. Freaking out that Alice is here and that she might end up in one of my clinics. And beyond happy that Julia Plant is back for DC this week.

By now, Lizzie has made it to Colorado and she'll start working at her school tomorrow. She is already missed so much.  The rest of Team CILT had a mini-reunion for half a second tonight. I love these people and miss being around them constantly.

It's Christmas in July week around here so all sorts of Christmas related things will be going on.

I'm so excited for this week and all the potential for fun, adventure and friendship with these girls. Here we go week 7.

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