Monday, July 13, 2015

"Homesick boys-- breaking gender stereotypes one tear at a time."

Lizzie is impressive. This morning she carried around Bridget and Maggie at the same time in the dining hall. Later after chapel, she gave me a piggy back ride all the way back to the Main Lodge, up the back stairs and then she jumped around trying to shake me off. It was wild. 

I will never get over mornings in the Green Cathedral. I love, love, love this part of camp. It's just so unlike any other worship experience in the world.

Between the new skit about the taxi driver and the elderly woman and getting to sing The Servant Song, it was a really, really good chapel.

We started the morning thinking it was going to be a CILT Adventure day. We played Noodle Tag and Tackle Tag first...

Then we were just about to go on a photo scavenger hunt when we got word that it was about to start raining hard and we'd be inside the rest of the morning. 

Luckily, we're flexible people, and I'm not just talking about Tim being able to do the splits, so we changed our plans and started the Sherpa Walk.

It's this crazy cool team building activity where most people are blindfolded, communication is scrambled, the roles aren't clearly defined, tasks are completely possible and completely a mystery and there are 100 lessons of teamwork knitted into the chaos.

Though the kids have a love/hate relationship with the actual Sherpa Walk activity, every one unanimously agreed that they learned something and grew from our debrief activity afterwards. I love this part of CILTs when we get to impact and mold the way we all see leading and following.

Chrissy Crowe is speaking my Love Languages today. She sent me a friendship bracelet that will hopefully, "See a lot of hugs and chapels and cheers and smokey campfires and mud and algae from the Richard G and coffee splashes and happy tears and glitter bombs." Chrissy is a lover of camp just like me and she's put in years as a counselor. Her encouragement and support today was perfect.

Last week of CILTs and the last items in the CILT Jar. It's going to be an awesome week.

After practicing for tomorrow's chapel, Ellyn, Liz and I hit up the Nature Center. I ran into my friend Dejanay, who also goes by Nay Nay, and she showed us all her tricks. Liz and her friend Delainey held the salamander (which still grosses me out).

We walked around the loop and ran into some more friends. Lucy teaches me about being cool and Lauren never fails to share some of her enthusiasm with me.

Liz, Ellyn and J run this camp. Well, mostly J. But Liz and Ellyn help too.

Hobo dinners were cancelled on account of bed weather in the forecast, but it ended up being pretty sunny. We played at Trading Post and all the CILTs got to hang out with their cabins.

We got the CILTs to walk the Main Camp loop and pick up hundreds of fallen sticks before the next storm hit. Then we headed into the Party Room for a second night chapel. Alli and Tim shared and then we broke up into small groups. I loved chatting with the kids in my group and getting to know them better.

Mama Kat brought Ellyn two Nerd Ropes today and she shared with me tonight. If that's not a loving partnership, I don't know what is.

God Bless Choctaw, Mo, Jo, Fairbanks, Yoda, Dog, Max, Cold Sprite, Diet Coke, Will Smith, Taylor Swift, IU, Young Life, Rugrats and Friendship Bracelets.

Honorable Blog Titles:
"Dear God, Bless us and make us the winners and not the losers."
"Sometimes we play a game called Bracelets. You put pillows on the ground, sit on them, then play with bracelets."

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