Friday, July 24, 2015

"This is depressing. I always fall asleep by the end of Closing Campfire. I've never seen this part."

Yesterday's micro blogging worked pretty darn well I think. Let's try that again...

Stella and Danielle. Choctaw repeaters in 2012 and 2013. 

FAB + earthquake + pattern reading = intensity + patience = AWESOME

Jane. Danielle and Maeve. Rock stars.

Alli and I love these children-- what a crew.

Alice and I walk laps before lunch. Alli and Hannah sit and talk before lunch.

You can have as many best friends as you want.

We're on Team Brenna Fritzche.

Kinsella and Mad Cav are two of our fav gal pals.


Will Ziegert Fan Club?

Danielle is just so awesome. Bri found this santa suit in her size at Goodwill for $3.

Aleck sisters. Olivia Kinsella is cooler than Moe, Joe, Dog and Max.

Did you know Ellyn and I are on Day Camp staff?

Choctaw Family Christmas Card 2015.

Lilly is a master at friendships and bracelets. Alli's squad.

Smellen and Diet Pig-- friends since 2011. NATALIA CAME TO VISIT.

I will really miss Han. Young Life pals at Tecumseh-- the best of both worlds.

Alice and I will be friends forever. Love having Mad Cav at Tecumseh. Ellyn and Diggy match.

I think I'm kind of in Diggy's cabin this week too. Oh holy have I missed Erin O'Awesome this week.

So many alumni friends were back tonight! I love seeing these people.

Clinic performances are my favorite parts of the night-- RV and LV Hip Hop, Irish Dance and Show Choir all killed it.

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