Saturday, July 18, 2015

"I'm so drained in every way. It was perfect."

Saturday mornings are the most sad. Especially when it's the end of Session 3 which means it's the end of CILTs for the whole summer. I had to say bye to Molly and Cari Gaffigan. At chapel Ellyn and I said bye to our old camper Paige.

At chapel I got to hang out with Elijah for awhile which was awesome. #thatsJoelsboy

Wylie and Erin O'Awesome were just so dang sad about having to leave each other. I hope Wylie somehow ends up in Erin's cabin again someday.

Then it was time for the CILTs to head home with their parents. I will not forget Caroline's stories and love tank notes.

I loved becoming friends with Rachel Kent and Grace Lundy and am so impressed with and inspired by this pair. There is something so special about each of them.

Late Friday night when I was heading to bed, these two were still in the hallway writing their second set of love tank notes to every girl in the Longhouse. Love Does. These girls are doing it big.

I'm so glad that Alli will be in Hopi the rest of the summer so even if we're not partners I can still see her all the time. I have loved being Julia's CILT counselor and I miss her already. Thankfully we're both going to Castaway with YL in just a week.

Watching mothers and daughters reunite today made me so happy. Nuala and her mom sang and danced to "You Can't Hurry Love" together just like they do every year. Julia and Jeanette ran to each other and started crying--they're totally best friends.

Mason, from Session 2, came with Bridget's dad to pick her up and we were pumped to see him. He's pretty awesome.

For months, we've been looking forward to going to the Taylor Swift concert in Chicago with these friends.  Molly, Alli, Abby, Smooney, Michelle and I are some of Taylor's biggest fans and it seemed only right that we should see her together.

Alli and I have been so excited about it this summer. Two of our CILT cheers changed the words to recent Taylor Swift songs and we struggled a little remembering to sing the real lyrics instead of, "Grab your backpack and my hand, cause hey we're the CILTs and we're living the dream."

Shawn Mendez, Vance Joy and Haim all performed first-- so fun, but so much anticipation for Taylor. 

 We made posters that said, "Dear Taylor, We literally came out of the woods to see you. Love, 6 camp counselors." We didn't end up getting picked to go to Loft 89 after the show, but people in the crowd still thought our signs were funny.

Smoon and I have been friends since the summer of 2008 when we became best friends while singing Hannah Montana all over camp. Soon we switched to singing Taylor Swift together and never changed again. Smoon is one of my favorite friends for grand adventures and we were both so happy to finally see Taylor in concert together. It's hard not working with her this summer, but I love these reunions in the summer when we're just so Sar and Sar. 

In the section right below us was Annie Fazzio! She came with her sisters and mom and I was elated to see her. Annie has been a great friend for years and it had been entirely too long since we'd seen each other last.

This was quite the crew. Maggie and Nart were in the crowd, Kristen Gleason was there with her mom, I spotted Olivia and Sophia Kegley, we watched Courtney Burkhart, Sloan and Maggie G walk in, I saw Ellen Fazzio, Olivia Odle and a billion other friends like Becca Hans, Kelsey Drasga and Cari Gaffigan were there too because we saw their Instagram posts.

When the show actually started it was exhilarating and exciting and jaw dropping all at once. Every one got a bracelet when they walked in that lit up in different colors though out the show so we were part of the lighting too. It was amazing. 

TAYLOR IS THE BEST. From her songs to her quirky weirdness to her monologues between songs-- I'm just so impressed with her.

The show was so long-- including our favorite new hits like Bad Blood, songs like Never Getting Back Together from Red and old school classics like Love Story and 15.

She's had special guests at every stop on the tour so far and we couldn't wait to find out who would be there. I flipped out when she said it was Andy Grammer and that he was singing "Honey I'm Good." Maddie Halkyard and I listened to that song continuously 2nd semester and I only wish she could have been there with me tonight.

Every bit of the show was creative, original, personal and fantastic. We loved the videos of her friends, the set design, the rock covers of her older songs and how she sang every song on the new album. You just can't beat Taylor Swift.  Now I can't wait to see her again in just two months.

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  1. Birthday buddy! I was there too! and not too far away from you! I just don't instagram on regular :(