Sunday, July 12, 2015

"Wait, are these made out of real wood?"

We got to sleep in till 9 this morning which was glorious. Then the CILTs got to do their chapel for all of the stayovers at the LV chapel. 

They did Camp Soup for their skit adding enthusiasm, friendship, love, unity and God. Then Caroline explained the skit, Julia gave the verse which Rachel explained, Lucy told a story and Lauren gave a challenge for the week. 

Then a second group of CILTs came up to sing the second half of the songs.

Love this CILT Pack. They did an awesome job this morning.

We had brunch over in Scheu with all of the stayovers and got BLUEBERRY PANCAKES! My grandma and mom would have been so excited. Did you Diggy, Lucy and Wylie are the three Welch sisters at camp this summer. 

One of my favorite parts of CILTs is that everyone gets to stay for the second week. It's awesome to start over with everyone on Sunday with the same group because you're already friends.

In a completely spontaneous move, the CTXC (Camp Tecumseh Cross Country) Team was reformed. Rachel, Lilly, Bridget, Lucy, Julia and I ran a lap around Main Camp, out to the OT and back. So athletic. So sporty.

At the staff meeting Ellyn and Fabiano introduced the Friendship Bench. There's going to be in one in each village this week. It's a place where you can go sit if you need someone to play with, or if you want to make a new friend. When you see someone sitting there you go over and introduce yourself. I've heard of Friendship Benches on school playgrounds before and I'm excited to see it at camp.

All of Liz's dreams are coming true this week because her birthday is Wednesday. Tonight for Opening Campfire the CILT counselors are going as math instruments-- protractors, a ruler and a pencil oh my!

After planning chapel and playing 4 on a Couch, the CILTies made their wooden name tags. It's such a rite of passage-- like getting a blue staff polo, your driver's license or going to your first Taylor Swift concert.

Ellyn's still rocking her name tag from 2011.

At dinner tonight we were discussing the things that make us feel really loved and I discovered my love languages.

Sarah Wright's Love Languages (in no particular order):
1. Diet Coke
2. Love tank notes/ letters
3. Cleaning
4. Instagram posts
5. Friendship bracelets
6. Quality time

Ellyn's Love Languages:
1. Gifts
2. Back scratches
3. Words of affirmation
4. Being included

It's the Week of Liz and she's been trying to get us to dress up as math instruments since week one. Dreams are coming true all over the place.

We've got a giant eraser, compass, parabola, protractor, calculator, ruler and pencil. Math rules. 

Cari is back again for another week and Grace Calloway is here now!

 Alli has reunited with some rock star campers and I'm so glad that Emma is here this week.

Fox went to campfire as team lake. It was awesome. John Amy and Brad need to hire this crew.

The CILTies all went to campfire with their adopted cabins tonight so they dressed up as spies, lifeguards, sharks, Warriors and everything in-between.

The next three pictures are from camp's website-- I'm so thankful for great photographers that are documenting Tecumseh for all of us. Such joy in these pics.

Ellen, the pencil, ran circles around Tim, the compass. So mathy. So fun.

Geurin Catholic grads are the coolest (aka Maggie, Alli and Taylor). Anna Morgan is on her third and final week now. Really wish she could just stay all summer.

Have you noticed yet that the setting of this Opening Campfire looks a little different? The Council Ring is very damp right now, so luckily we could just move the party to the OT. Can't wait to be here twice in one week.

The last week of CILTs.  I can't believe it. Let's live it up CILTies.

Blog Title Honorable Mentions
"I went paint balling for my birthday. My dad shot me in the face."

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