Thursday, July 23, 2015

"When I was younger I used to have the leg hair of a man."

Sometimes camp makes me a little bit tired. And then I think maybe I should blog quickly so I can sleep more, because sleep is great and I don't do that enough. So let's try abbreviated blogging today and you try to fill in the blanks of the stories. 

Hays. Rock star. New bracelet. Old friends. 

Choctaw. Wow.

Best friends. Love. Ellyn. Diggy.

Diggy ft. gal pals and DG.

Hopi gal pals.

Accipitor. Binoculars. Kat and Sar.

Birds. Wing span.

Prey identification.

Ready to zip. Zip area clear. Zipping. Zip away.

Classic Sar face.

Alice. Han. High of the day.

Pink face paint. Diggy. Maddy-- new student.

Stookey sisters. Friends forever.

Keeley and Addie. Hopi #tbt.

Alice and Han part two. Jack and Ellyn are siblings.

Natalie Giovani (we miss you Katie). Lauren Faletti ('sup Michael).

Zoe and Maddy. Choctaw 2013 and 2014.

Alice Fan Club.

Sar and Ellyn daily pics-- LV edition.

Christmas Caroling ft. Owen.

Christmas Caroling ft. Elijah.

Christmas Caroling ft. Molly.

Dream catchers.

Wow. Wow.

Scary. Awesome. Rock stars.

Finney baby. Finney, Finney baby. 


Camp Tecumseh. Home. Love.

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