Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"15 summers at camp: no lice. 1 OE season: lice."

Thank goodness for Haleigh Devoe and getting to end the school day together. She's always been someone that I love to spend time with and getting to do this together just rocks. Did you know that when she walks into 6th period my kids give her a round of applause? Every single day. It's phenomenal. 

We're bursting at the seams at Wyld Life and it's crazy and awesome. We all pile into the basement together at the start and it's this beautiful hodge podge of 7th and 8th graders, kids from all four Junior Highs, different friend groups, kid and leaders all smushed together. Tonight Hannah Dillon shared her story and it was beautiful-- hearing our HS kids tell who they were then, who they are now and God's role in all of it is a captivating thing. 

Julia and I took on a room of over 30 Junior High girls--if that's not craziness I don't know what is. I've gotten to know these girls and their stories this year and I really am so thankful for time together. Tonight we talked about how God is our Father. He's close to us in our brokenness, he wants the best for us, he comforts us and he's always present with us. This room is a safe place for being real for so many of these girls and I love the community they're creating.

Sar and Kim have been faithfully attending for nearly a year and half now and I love getting to do life with them. They're wise and growing in their faith. They add thoughtful comments and really want to keep learning. Ella is in my class this semester and I love that I get to be her Wyld Life leader too. She's got such a precious heart and I loved sitting with her tonight.

I'm so thankful for a team of leaders that cares about these kids, for the 8th graders that keep coming back to this family, for girls like Claire and Hannah that make me so happy, for forgiveness of broken beds, and long talks with Genna and Rachel.

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