Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Start training now. Find the heaviest thing you can and strap it to your back and walk around. Get rid of your car and walk everywhere."

I love when Brookie and Maddy make up a handshake on the bus and then perform it in-front of my class

I love taking Rachel, Alyssa, Maddie and Cecilia to Mellow Mushroom aka Tecumseh's Unofficial Pizza Place and singing in the car the whole way

I love mail from Ellyn "Whenever you walk into a room it's like receiving that long straight piece in Tetris. Everyone's just like, 'Aww yeah! Things are about to get good now!' "

I love lunch dates, especially at Chipotle, with my girl Liz Huston

I love getting to be real life friends with Tara and Allie and giggling the whole time

I love the music and sermon's of Northview--even when I watch online because I overslept

I love brunch dates with Emma and Maggie that last forever

I love vibrant bouquets of fresh friendship bracelet string

I love walking around my favorite place in the world

I love that the new duplex will be ready for the LV next summer-- what would you name these cabins?

I love getting to spend time with my parents Beth and Dave-- they're the best

I love that they showed A Letter To Our Campers at the annual dinner and then the speaker was Clare Edlemen, skyping in from Duke

I love reuniting with Ellyn and laughing the whole rest of the day together

I love this painting made by Katie, a Carmel YL girl who went on Wilderness last summer-- oh holy this is the dream

I love weekends

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