Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"When Sarah Wright makes a friendship bracelet while listening to you, it's like Neosporin to your soul."

People are always talking about how the colors of Fall are the most beautiful. They love the reds, yellows and oranges of the leaves as they change. But my Fall colors (and Winter, Spring and Summer colors for that matter) always include all of the colors. My colors are always the colors of bracelets-- dozens of strings knotting together in intricate patterns. 

Thanks to my FitBit and new obsession with getting steps, my friendship bracelet addiction is not nearly as intense as it was last year. I've not yet reached 100 bracelets this semester when means I'm behind last year's mark. I've got to step up my game. But for today I'll be happy with these new pretty bracelets that are going in the summer stockpile. 

KCraig sent out an awesome article today called Be Know For What You're For, Not Just What You're Against and asked us to think about what we're for. What are we passionate about in this life? What are we living our days for? Here's my list:

I am for friendship.
I am for adventure.
I am for being together.
I am for embracing what you love. 

What are you for? Does your life reflect that?

7th graders are currently working on 20 Acts of Kindness for their English class. Today I got to find this AOK on my desk from one of my awesome kids. I get to help with a caper for this assignment tomorrow and I can't wait. 

It's #tecumsehtuesday and only 46 days till the 2015 Winter CILT Reunion. One of the CILTs posted this picture today, which I've never seen before, and it looks like I'm Miss Wright right in the middle of the Green Cathedral. I love it. We've got 34 of 120 CILTs signed up so far but we'll get up to 100 by the time December rolls around.

Top 6 CILT Memories Today:

1. Walking up Liz on her birthday under a ruler chandelier to the sounds of Longhouse girls singing Super Bass and Riptide
2. Glitter bombing Session 2 with four bottles of glitter and then finding that glitter all over Tecumseh the rest of the summer
3. Meeting Session 1 when I returned from Wyld Life Camp and immediately being so excited about all 40 of them
4. The boys' Leaning Tower of Corn Dog Sticks Session 2 that became the kindling for our hobo dinners that night
5. A crazy game of Capture The Flag at the Gish with Session 1 when we were hiding in the woods
6. Hearing Liz scream, "SAR-AH! SAR-AH!" in only the way she can whenever she wanted my attention

Highs of the Day
1. Chips and Salsa with Ryan to talk about life and Young Life and how he gets to go to Storyline TOMORROW
2. I had to drop something off at Maddie's and her mom invited me to stay for dinner with the family-- the Halkyards are the best

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"Wait you're a runner?! I've never seen you go faster than a walk in the nine months I've known you. This totally changes my whole perception of you."

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