Thursday, November 19, 2015

"What a day to be alive."

In first period I started listing all of the reasons that today was going to be awesome, including the assignment my kids would be writing. When I finished the list one of the boys said, "What a day to be alive," with genuine enthusiasm. It was the greatest thing he has said all semester. His words became the them of the rest of the day. So I give you, all the reasons today was a great day to be alive:

Brooke and Ashlyn hid under my desk first period-- even though the rest of the kids gave them away it was still awesome. What a day to be alive. 

6th period always greets Haleigh with a round of applause when she shows up. Today I caught it on video and she brought me Starbucks. What a day to be alive. 

The other day I was talking to a few kids about how awkward it is when a teacher thinks they know your name but they repeatedly call you the wrong name. I have a funny girl named Mia in 7th period and Evie, another 7th grader, and I have started changing Mia's name to Libby... or Grace... or Libby Grace. It's really whatever your prefer. Mia Libby Grace has taken this change very well. Evie, Haleigh and I all accidentally matched today too. What a day to be alive.

It's Claire's (the one in the purple) birthday and she was smiling even more than normal if that's possible. What a day to be alive. 

FBC was a party today. I brought my Jambox and sang new One Direction and Justin Bieber songs with the 8th graders. Then I sat and braceleted with this crew of 7th grade girls. FBC is just the best. What a day to be alive. 

p.s. I've approved the artwork for the FBC shirts and they're expected to arrive about the second week of December

Chik Fil A had it's Grand Opening by HTC today. We had a whole crew of friends eating dinner together-- a party of waffle fries and chicken nuggets. Megan Cook was there when we walked in, Ciarra was working, Brooke and I spotted each other when she rolled through the drive thru and then she came inside to say hi. What a day to be alive.

Hope, Katy, Kaylee, Audrey, Lulu, Cami, Maddie, Luke, Meric and I all went to the premier of Mockingjay Part 2 together at 7pm. I ran into the Hendricks sisters, Katie, Liz and Laura while we were buying concessions too-- they're rock stars. Most of us read all the books and have been watching these movies together since the release of Hunger Games in 2012. Audrey was in tears when it finished because she's just so sad it's all over. What a day to be alive.

 I get to be a nanny for Fudge and Luke right now which is pretty incredible. Even when Fudge cries because a movie is over and Maddie deliberately laughs at her I still love them both. What a day to be alive. What a day to be alive.

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"You're eating chicken? Aren't you a vegetarian?"     "...But it's Chik Fil A"

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