Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"I'd rather spend my money on clothes... or vampire fangs. I was going to put them in before you came but they take 15 minutes to mold to your teeth so I didn't have time."

Highs of the Day:

1. My students wrote letters to people who have influenced their life after watching The Science of Happiness. We couldn't call our people like they did in the video, so I had my kids text a picture of what they wrote to their person. I ended up getting letters from Brookie and Claire--two of the sweetest girls I know. Words of Affirmation is one of my strongest love languages and today I felt so loved by these kids. 

I told every class that I wanted to know if their person texted them back. We sent out 160 letters of kind words today and the responses back were filled with so much love. It was so cool to see my kids' faces when their person told them thank you or told them that the letter had made them cry. Love wins. 

2. Hanging out with KCraig today was just what I needed. This woman is one of my best friends and favorite people to hang out with. We've always been dreamers-- imagining what our lives could be like if we take a risk or try something new or invite people to come along with us. We reflected how we're in a totally different place now than we were a year ago and we're so thankful for that. We've got some big ideas for what's happening next.

3. Megan Cook and I hung out tonight. I convinced her to go to Cracker Barrel because I was craving breakfast. We talked about vampires and Wilderness and God and Bob Goff and our families and it was great. She's still 12 and yet so brilliant all at the same time.

4. Then I insisted that we call Bob Goff (his number is in the back of Love Does) because she's obsessed with him but hasn't talked to him yet. Of course Bob answered and she got to tell him about how she's made her dad read the book and how she's still not sure about the Jesus stuff even though she loves Love Does. In true Bob Goff fashion he laughed and told her she was awesome and told her to just keep it real and be authentic and keep loving people.

Honorable Mention Blog Titles:
"I wish I was a vampire so badly I dream about it."

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