Sunday, November 8, 2015

"He said 'Don't show Sarah Wright' but obviously you're the first person I told."

Storyline 2015 is underway in Chicago and I'm so excited for my friends that are there right now. It's like I know they're part of something magical-- soaking in all of those good words, being surrounded by brilliant people, believing that their life is meant to be meaningful. And I'm lucky because when Kathy and Ryan get back home I plan on hearing all about that greatness.

Friday morning I got to soak up some greatness right here in Fishers when I met with a group of 10 Juniors and Seniors for Wyld Life Discipleship. Chloe brought a box of donuts, we made a circle in the hall and we reflected on what we had read together.

Today we talked about our purpose to become more like Christ and what that looks like. Does your life reflect what you believe? Are you confident in your convictions? As adult leaders, our hope and prayer for the HS students that choose to be a part of WL is that they will be shaped and grown by their desire to serve others, to live a life where they're part of something bigger than themselves. We want to help them become disciples and to dig into the word together.

I finally went to see The Intern. OH MY GOSH. I loved it. This makes the top of the list with movies like You've Got Mail and The Holiday. Anne Hathaway and Robert Deniro are fantastic and you will fall in love with their characters. It's one of the best movies I've seen in a very long time.

"I guess there's no reason to get sentimental even though we could be buried together. It's times like this that you just need a best friend."

One of my favorite parts of the Clubhouse in the past few months has been having Haleigh show up every afternoon. She's doing her cadet teaching in my class, helping me out and getting to know the kids of 7th period. Every day when she walks in the door all of 6th period gives her a round of applause. After passing period the last group of kids swarms her with stories and affection. And on Friday afternoons when I just can't handle a whole lot more, I'm so glad she's right there beside me.

Tonight I reunited with Hope, Hools and Ciarra for a dinner date and walk around HTC. They're fantastic girls and we always love time together. Ciarra is trying to be Meredith Grey as usual, Hools is freaking out about the SAT tomorrow and Hope is Old Navy's biggest fan.

Devon Kennedy is in town from Lake Zurich for a soccer tournament. Saturday morning started early with a breakfast date with old camp friends. These five girls each have so much positivity and spunk, they're good about staying in touch and showing up in each other's lives. It was so good to sit around a table together over coffee this morning.

Sunday morning was exciting for Northview's Fishers campus. Since they launched our campus we've been meeting in HSE Junior High. Today was the unofficial grand opening of the new site. It was wild and so cool to finally be in a building meant for our church. God is good.

Taylor Porter is home for a month! She was one of my very first friends in Indy when I moved here 7 years ago and even though we were only overlapped for a year she's still one of my very favorite people. This afternoon we walked and talked as we hiked all over Cool Creek Park in Carmel and it was just the best kind of day. This girl is bold and adventurous and wild and fun and faithful and courageous. She lives out what she believes. She's audacious and strong. I'm such a fan.

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