Sunday, November 29, 2015

"I'm feeling left out by Oscar."

I got home to Indianapolis just in time to see Hannah Conrad before she headed back to Alabama. I hate that I don't get to see her all the time any more, but I love that we make time for each other when she comes back to Indiana. We thought about chopping my hair, but got too busy doing other things so that will have to wait. I love that whether we're running errands, talking in the car or exploring in Carmel we always have fun together. 

We met up with Ashley at Vitality Bowls, their favorite place, so they could fulfill their craving before heading back to school. I'm such a fan of Ash and so thankful we became friends at the end of last year.

I rescued Maddie and Cami from Maddie's little cousins for a sushi-Goodwill-McFlurry-KCraig-stalking adventure. This pair is ridiculous. I love that they're silly together and that they've created a friendship where they can be honest and trustworthy. We watched the Family Stone with Maddie's parents (I'm such a fan of them too) which is one of my mandatory Christmas season movies. 

Rachel Kent asked me if we could get some camp friends together for lunch on Sunday so we called in all the troops and met up at Patachou. I walked in the door to find Rachel already there, clipboard in lap, diligently working on a friendship bracelet. Usually I'm at that person so it made me so happy to see her there tying knots.

Alli was about to head back to school but she got to come eat with us first. I have missed this friend and it was so good to reunite. I had some of the best memories with her this past summer and I'm so thankful for her friendship. I can't wait to live up the CILT reunion with her in just a few weeks.

 We got to see Anna, Kathryn and Casey from Session 1, Caroline from Session 2 and Lilly, Rachel and Emily from Session 3. There were old stories, new connections and a lot of laughter shared around the table. Alli and I are the lucky ones because we know all of these girls, but we love watching all of them interact.

It seems like we were just in the River Village together-- playing games on the Longhouse porch, singing in the party room, praying in the green cathedral, jumping off the diving boards and playing with kids in Main Field. Soon enough we'll be running to our friends as they arrive in Lake Village for the best 25 hours of the year. 

Just a few doors down from Patachou, Ellyn was busy at work at Old Navy. We bopped in to see her while she worked the register. Ellyn's a great multi-tasker.

Did you hear Genna has been in London? It's true.

I got to see Genna and Anne Sunday night for a grand finale of Thanksgiving Break. These two are so different in so many ways but are such great friends to one another. I'm lucky to be living life with them.

Honorable Mention Blog Titles:
"My grandpa wears necklaces and I do not like him."
"I don't have a disability, my brain is just slow."
"True or False: Genna used to put all the names of her best friends in her bio on Instagram."

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