Monday, November 30, 2015

"If your parents are upset, don't have them call us."

Sometimes Young Life takes a field trip. We break the norm and find a new location for the night. Instead of meeting at the Barn this week, we stormed Dairy Queen for the Grillest and Chillest of all Clubs. The employees and managers were ready for us, but it was still a beautiful picture of chaos.

Every booth and chair was filled with our people-- leaders and HS kids of every age filling up on blizzards, fries and onion rings. Dairy Queen was really the only fast food place in Delphi (where I grew up) for most of my life, so this is my jam.

Before the kids arrived we wrote "YL" on about 200 spoons and hid them everywhere inside and outside of the building. We unleashed all of the kids to hunt down the spoons in 90 seconds. David Bock, with the help of Nick Krauter, pulled out a victory.

Then we had an Arctic Rush Brain Freeze Face Off. Team Lime was comprised of Troy (freshmen), Meghan (sophomore), Mark (junior) and David (senior). Team Cherry was Taylor (freshmen), Cassidy (sophomore), Julia (junior) and Blaire (senior).

It was so many levels of sick. Brain Freeze- check. Cough syrup flavor- check. Slushie all over your face and sweatshirt- check. Arctic Rush all over the floor- check.

We screamed and cheered and laughed and in the end it was so close. David Bock down the last of the lime slush for a win for his team.

We played some Leader Trivia and kids buzzed in to win hot eats and cool treats from DQ. Do you know who has calves that are different sizes? Do you know who was asked to be an extra in a bollywood movie? Do you know who didn't try salad till they were in college? Who can speak using only quotes from friends?

Then some very brave friends stepped up for a blindfolded blizzard test. They ate a spoonful of blizzard and had to identify the flavor. Do you think you could name butterfinger, oreo or bannana split? How about an onion ring and chili flavored blizzard? Yep, that happened.

Joey Tharp gave the Club talk tonight about his brother and overwhelming hope. He said so many people ask but don't get to the seeking part of, "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7-8. He told us about how in his own life he has seen God's power and grace shine through in the perseverance, joy and hope of his parents and brother. It was amazing.

Tonight at 12:00 am the online sign ups for Young Life, Wyld Life and Wilderness go live. Camp trips have become one of my favorite parts of being a leader and I can't wait for our kids to travel to Clearwater Cove in Missouri, Timber Wolf Lake in Michigan and Wilderness Ranch in Colorado this summer. I love that we get to do this together-- both summer and life during the rest of the year. It's such a gift.

One of my biggest dreams is finally coming true. For years I've been wishing and hoping and praying about going to Wilderness to hike with my girls that I've been leading since they were in 7th grade. It's happening. Oh my gosh-- WE'RE GOING TO CLIMB A FREAKING MOUNTAIN TOGETHER.

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"You can use that gift card tonight or elsetime."

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