Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"What a day to be alive."

Top 10 Highs of the Last Few Days:

1. Meeting with J about Summer 2016 and hearing about new ideas and projects
2. Being back on the wagon of making a mass amount of friendship bracelets
3. Starting to read Shonda Rhimes book Year of Yes and absolutely loving it "I dance it out. I wear the white hat. I operate. I gladiate. I exonerate. I spin yarns and tell tall tales and sit around the campfire."
4. Officially knowing that I'll be at CILTs 2016 and that I'll be on the YL Wilderness trip this summer to Colorado
5. Dinner with Rachel B, Sydney G and Jules at Steak n' Shake
6. Crashing Discipleship to see KCraig and friends
7. A letter in the mail from Nikki Lanigan Jones
8. Texting with my friend Alex Pogue
9. Finding out I get to be Fudge and Luke's nanny for the next few days
10. Finishing the end of Friends again and starting to watch The Good Wife

In case you haven't heard...
HSE Young Life Summer 2016

Timber Wolf Lake was my first YL Camp I ever went to with Holland Christian YL in college for Winter Weekends. When I lead with Carmel this is where we went for several Ski Weekends with leaders and committee families. When HSE YL began we took our first WL Camp trip here and then came back for a Fall and a Winter Weekend. Earlier this Fall I did Work Crew here for Family Camp with 6 of my girls. This place feels like coming home.

Clearwater Cove is a brand-new Wyld Life Camp in Missouri-- we're be the first summer of campers that use this facility which is beyond exciting. I'm so excited for our 8th graders to return to camp and for our 7th graders to try it out for the very first time.

It's been my dream to go on Wilderness since I started YL in college. I became a leader for Taylor, Allison, Dom and Susan the year after they returned from this trip. Two years later I started leading Hannah, Emily, Mac and friends after they came back from Colorado. Last year HSE went for the very first time but it wasn't possible for me to go. This is the year. I can't wait to climb a mountain with the girls I've been leading since they were in 7th grade.

Top 10 CILT Jar Things We've Ever Done:

1. Glitter bomb (so great we had to do it twice)
2. Midnight donuts
3. Sleeping out at Ghost Cabin
4. Jock Jams day with Space Jam on repeat
5. Nerd day with matching glasses
6. Counselor Kites during Trading Post
7. Longest Bunk Beds ever
8. Annabelle
9. Madison's Fake Birthday
10. Liz Koch's Birthday Extravaganza

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