Sunday, November 22, 2015

"My mom sent me a screenshot of your blog this morning."

My school is the best. Brookie proudly wears her hair like this after wellness. The orchestra teacher brought a Future Foot to school and our principal rode it down the hallway.

Haleigh shows up every afternoon with a smile on her face and makes 7th period the best one of the day. Even when it drives me mildly crazy, I love this school.

I finished Shonda Rhimes' Yes of Yes in just three days. It was incredible. I knew that a book written by her would be fantastic since the shows she writes are gold, but I wasn't sure what to expect. If you love Grey's Anatomy or Scandal, if you are a woman or a human, if you want to live a fuller life then this is worth the read. I will be talking about this book for months to come. 

Friday night I reunited with two of my favorite people on the planet. I became friends with Allison and Taylor nearly 7 years ago when they were Seniors in HS at Carmel. I got to be one of their YL leaders and it changed my life. They're out of college now, in dental school and working at a ranch, investing in people they love and still making me laugh with the way they fall into accents and never shy away from the truth. They're incredibly special. We sat and talked for hours and it was so, so good. Can't wait till I see them next. 

Saturday morning adult and HS leaders spent time together at the barn for our monthly leadership meeting. I love this time together and this morning I was particularly thankful that SO MANY PEOPLE showed up. It's powerful when we get to do this together. Our friend Lisa, who led with us for about a year, came to teach us about body language and non-verbal cues. It's incredibly applicable to what we do at YL every time we interact with kids and it opened up some doors for communication. 

Winter has officially arrived in the midwest with flurries of snow and Fudge couldn't be more excited about it. She was giddy about catching the giant flakes and knowing that Christmas is well on it's way.

Here is my most recent addition to the friendship bracelet stockpile. I'm now over 100 bracelets for the semester, well on my way to the goal of a stockpile of 200 for summer 2016. Once I get to that point, I'll start passing out bracelets to Junior High and Young Life friends the rest of the year. So many bright colors and patterns. If you were a bracelet, which one would you be?

Sunday morning Sophie and I got coffee together before church. I've know Soph for years as her teacher, bible study leader and Young Life counselor. I'm such a fan of her and I miss not seeing her as often this year now that she's in HS. It was so good to catch up and talk about life. I'm proud of her for making hard decisions, being self-aware and striving to be someone she can be proud of.

After church I got to have a lunch date with Julia which was great. I love doing life with her. Later we went back to church with Elise, their moms and Liz Huston for the first ever Fishers Campus Worship Night. It was a whole night of songs led by all of the worship team and it was phenomenal. At then end of the day I got to catch up with my far away friends Hannah, Smooney and Emma which always makes me happy. Life is good.

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