Saturday, November 7, 2015

"We're bringing back the jean shorts over leggings look." Wyld Life Denim Club

I'm not ashamed to tell you that I have 7 pairs of overalls in my costume collection for camp and YL. Denim is always a good choice. You can imagine my excitement when we decided to have Denim Wyld Life Club. Joutfits (Jean + Outfit) for the win.

We have Club on Saturday nights, right smack dab in the middle of the weekend. Kids roll up to the barn in mini vans and SUVs. They run inside with their friends and I'm always so excited to see them. Tonight I loved that Hannah, Evie, Mia, Payton and Kenzie were all there. These five are enthusiastic and kind and always up for anything. 

KCraig got everyone working on an "I am for..." project and the boys started throwing around the football. Classic.

You can bet we always have music playing, an invitation to an unofficial dance party. You know that KCraig is always the first one on the dance floor.

So much denim...

Tonight we officially announced that Wyld Life will be going to Clearwater Cove in Missouri this summer. It's a brand new Wyld Life camp and we're so excited. The 8th graders can't wait to return for their 2nd Best Week Ever and the 7th graders are eager to sign up.

Keeping with the jean spirit of the night, we sang and danced to "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" and "Me and My Old Blue Jeans" with all our best moves.

The boys dancing turned into this amazing long canoe paddling kind of thing. It was beautiful.

My friend Jayla brought a new friend name Jaylah. What are the odds? One of the best things we did, which could really be done at any club, was to have the kids split up with HS leaders and make a DubSmash video. The app is free and the kids had all seen videos before. Our leaders sent their DubSmash videos to KCraig so we could post them all on our YL Instagram.

We had a relay race with denim shirts and skirts...

Then we had pairs of kids work together to put on a pair of completely frozen jeans. They took cold to a whole new level.

We tried a new mixer where teams were taped together in a long line before they had to move across the gym. It was pretty anticlimactic... But at the end we told the Junior High kids to go stick their tape on a HS kid and things got a little crazier.

Tonight KCraig asked all the leaders to think about our mission-- what do we feel like we're being called to do right now? When we have a purpose statement it's easier to live that out. I wrote down, "My mission is to help people build and be a part of authentic and loving communities."

As a Wyld Life leader and Young Life leader, as a teacher and a camp counselor I want to help people get connected. I want to introduce them to new friends. In FBC at the Clubhouse and in CILTs at Tecumseh I want to keep inviting people in. How can we create a net for people?

Tonight kids like Hannah, Lauren, Mer and Sydney laughed and danced and talked with friends in this community. We listened to a Club Talk that pointed us back to Christ-- thinking about Faith, Family, Fitness and Finances. We prayed together and did some choreography to HSM together. This is what it's all about.

Life is always better lived together. The grand finale to the night was a spontaneous party at Dairy Queen with some kids and leaders. We really love that.

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