Monday, November 23, 2015

"I love eating salads in my car."

This sign is for everyone who walks into the door tonight, but doesn't it just make you feel important? I love it. (Good work Ryan) And I think that it can be true about every single person. My night was better because Meric showed up. It got better when Cassidy Ogan walked in the door. I was happier when I saw that TGold was back from college. We are better as a family because of every single person. 

I love that as a mom, Dianne has a heart for impacting even more kids than just her own. I love that Hannah Lyon shows up regularly at YL these days with so much enthusiasm. I love that Elise and Gracie have become great friends through Monday nights. It was so fun seeing Tristan and JD back together-- such great friends. 

Ryan told us tonight that you never know who you might become friends with in this room. I think we forget that sometimes. Liz, Julia, Abby, Blaire and Cassidy all became friends with people through YL that they probably would have never met otherwise.

Molly brings Blake and Bo along with her when we're lucky and for friends like Es, it means we get to do even more life together. Ryan and Conner have this awesome friendship. Blaire, Bridget and Cassidy just can't get enough of each other.

Everyone sings along at YL, but tonight Ryan and Gracie had this duet thing going on and it was totally beautiful. Bob Goff always talks about the angels leaning over the railing, looking down on us, and I bet they were all stretching over tonight to listen to this room.

Tonight was extra special because my dear friend Cassidy Leum is home for break from IU and she showed up for Campaigners. I spent nearly every Monday night with her last year and I still feel her and her friends' absence here. They made such an impact on me and I love each of them so much. Tonight we sat side by side in our normal spot and it just felt like home. 

I got to talk with this group of girls tonight about thankfulness and blessings. It's ironic since Sophia, Mia, Cass, Silvana, Meric, JP, Brooke, Taylor, Scotlyn, Blaire, Julia and Olivia are some of the people I'm so thankful for. God calls us to live a life of gratitude, for our words and actions to reflect that thankfulness and to always point back to Him. I hope that we will always spur one another on to have that kind of heart. 

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