Saturday, November 21, 2015

"Ok so what else could we use a box of 100 gloves for?" Wyld Life Thanksgiving Club

Wyld Life Club is nuts and I love it. We show up at the Barn on Saturday nights and invite 7th and 8th graders from all of Fishers to fill up the space with their crazy, hyper, creative, sweet, awkward, loud, fun, helpful, loving selves. It's an experience. 

There are familiar faces and brand-new ones every week. We've got adult and HS leaders greeting kids, passing out name tags and writing numbers on their hands.

Once you walk in those doors we hope that you know you are seen, valued and wanted. We do our best to make every kid feel that way because it's true. Every single one of them matters and we're so glad they're here.

I love getting to do life with my HS and JH friends at the same time. I believe that this kind of love, this kind of silliness, this kind of friendship really will change the world around us.

We played Savage Women-- all the guys link up and then the girls basically rip them apart...

Then the boys get their turn to pull apart all of the girls...

In small groups, we created murals that had to do something with Thanksgiving and came up with so many creative ideas.

We did some turkey bowling with a real frozen turkey. Then we called up Cannon, Jake and Ryan for the grand finale. Each guy, without using his hands, dug through a pan of mashed potatoes to find the small plastic farm animals that were buried. They spit the animals on the floor and then searched for more.

It was equally disgusting and awesome and I'm sure those boys will never look at mashed potatoes the same way again.

Conner talked to us tonight about thankfulness, the 10 lepers story of the 1 who came back and about the gift of grace. For so many kids, this is their very favorite part of the night when they get to hear about Jesus. For some kids, this is the only place where they'll ever hear the gospel. For some kids, this is an invitation to accept the free gift of grace that God has always been offering us.

I'm so incredibly thankful for girls like Hannah Reed, Marcell and Hannah Devoe who make Wyld Life so special. They're three of the reasons why I do this, why I keep showing up week after week.

I'm so thankful for Katy, Anne, Julia and Jess-- four of the women that I get to lead with who love God and love kids.

I'm so thankful for kids like Rebecca who get so hype about taking home a turkey and promise that they'll go home and cook it tonight. I'm thankful for KCraig and Mer-- two people who inspire me to live life with all of the spunk, enthusiasm and heart I can manage.

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