Thursday, November 26, 2015

I love...

Many, many moons again when Sarah Fitzpatrick and I were counselors together we would do a devotion about thankfulness and gratitude. In an exercise first introduced to her by her mother, Fitz would have our campers write a list of 100 things they loved. We invited them to keep working on their list all week long and even once they went back home. "Maybe someday," we told them, "You'll get all the way to 1,000 things you love."

Ellie Vandenberg and Mary Brody were the first to accomplish the impossible task. I've had a small group of other campers complete their lists and nearly a dozen students who stepped up to the task.

On the last day before Thanksgiving Break I once again had my students start their lists of things that they love. Maybe some of them will get to 1,000 before we get back to school on Monday. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and choosing to be grateful, here are some of the many things I love.

  1. The Longhouse porch
  2. wearing socks with Birks
  3. Patagonias
  4. stickers all over my water bottle
  5. Maddie Halkyard's laugh
  6. doing life with Maddie Halkyard
  7. Ellyn's quirkiness
  8. the way Ellyn effortlessly compliments and encourages people
  9. notes from my students
  10. the healing power of Diet Coke when I'm feeling stressed
  11. #tecumsehtuesday on Instagram
  12. Libby Grace's acceptance of her new name
  13. when Brooke hides before 1st period
  14. texting with Fitzie 
  15. bringing back scrunchies
  16. Chloe's bold questions
  17. KCraig's dance moves
  18. the Old Hag's confidence
  19. reuniting with campers like Mary Cate and Sally
  20. hearing Liz say, "SAR-ah" all over camp
  21. new wrists of friendship bracelets every summer
  22. spontaneous dance parties
  23. taco triangles for lunch at school
  24. finishing three friendship bracelets in a day
  25. when kids low key whip in class after they do well on a paper
  26. my teacher friends
  27. getting steps with Trulock during passing period
  28. hanging out at FBC on Thursdays
  29. the members of Varsity FBC
  30. monthly Varsity FBC projects that help others
  31. talking to Jessica when she shows up in my classroom every period
  32. getting steps during CNN student news
  33. Shonda Rhimes "Year of Yes"
  34. Grey's Anatomy- Mer and Christina forever
  35. Gilmore Girls- oh holy I love Rory and Lorelei
  36. Julia Roberts
  37. Reece Witherspoon
  38. Bob Goff and everything about him
  39. calling Bob Goff with people
  40. Glennon Doyle Melton, momastery and "Carry On, Warrior"
  41. pictures all over my classroom and apartment
  42. my Keep Exploring flag
  43. I finally get to go on Wilderness this summer
  44. CILT graduation songs
  45. Alli Kenney singing at chapel
  46. Kid President videos
  47. hiking to the Gish with CILTs
  48. best friend necklaces with Ellyn, Arielle and Smoon
  49. surprising the kids in my YL cabins with friendship bracelets
  50. BFF Hannah Conrad
  51. strawberry lemonade
  52. calling Audrey "Fudge" 
  53. Grace Andritsch's love for people
  54. Shauna Niequist's writing
  55. CILT Reunions in December
  56. theme dinner outfits
  57. singing on chairs in the dining hall
  58. singing Taylor Swift in the car at the top of your lungs
  59. one on ones at YL Camp
  60. Real Life at YL Camp
  61. Big Cookie when we eat it all at once
  62. side pony braids
  63. nike shorts and party tanks every day at camp
  64. pepperoni pizza multiple times a week
  65. love tank notes
  66. the Welch sisters
  67. the Hendricks sisters
  68. getting Happy Mail envelopes every month
  69. Clarence stories
  70. having Haleigh Devoe cadet teach in my class
  71. living in Choctaw with Ellyn multiple summers in a row
  72. forever loving Annie Fazzio
  73. the way Maggie Shadid makes everyone feel so loved
  74. Hannah Blachly's selflessness
  75. my neon backpack covered with friendship bracelets
  76. Gold Rush dance parties
  77. Empire plotting
  78. Plunder scheming
  79. RFAJWD
  80. chapels in the Green Cathedral
  81. Day Camp shadow day
  82. watching my campers grow up and become counselors
  83. Nikki Lanigan Jones' wisdom and laughter
  84. hugs from Riley Meyer
  85. always wanting more time with Maggie Drake
  86. when FAB clinic is full of all my fav kids week 9
  87. finishing a whole session of CILT Parent Letters
  88. immediately being friends with Emma MacAbee and staying friends all year
  89. Tecumseh staff apparel 
  90. going downstairs in the Barn after leadership to greet kids
  91. Campaigners in the cubby room
  92. Sophomores and Seniors last year
  93. Juniors and Freshmen this year
  94. Hannah Devoe's awareness and intricate bracelets
  95. throwing up the peace sign to Mer in the hallway
  96. hanging out with Grace Freund
  97. talks with Sydney and our pose for pictures
  98. Christian concerts with Liz Huston
  99. overlapping in every part of life with Hools
  100. Megan Cook "I freaking love you"
  101. being friends with Emily Glanders for years and years
  102. KCraig's vision, honesty and dance moves
  103. top 10 lists with Casey Dawson
  104. the Houghton's example for life
  105. Sarah, Ben and baby Annie-- one of my favorite families of all time
  106. my home team: Arie, Smoon and Ellyn
  107. Brookie Cookie-- one of my favorite people on the planet
  108. running charades at the winter staff reunion
  109. waking up at a cabin at Tecumseh and knowing you get to be there all day
  110. Thursday night cook outs in Main Field
  111. Erin O'Awesome "Can I get a what-what?!"
  112. Hope College Dimnent Chapel 
  113. starting the day with a vanilla latte
  114. Taylor Time
  115. when kids make bracelets during class when they finish all of their work
  116. painting canvases for people I love
  117. long talks with Rachel Phillips and her old soul
  118. Chipotle burrito bowl with white rice, black beans, chicken, pico, cheese and guacamole and chips
  119. Modern Family
  120. Parenthood
  121. Scandal and Olivia Pope
  122. Friends
  123. Parks and Rec
  124. hanging out with my sister Katie
  125. Chik Fil A waffle fries and chicken nuggets
  126. road trips with surprise friends
  127. dinner dates with Cami
  128. wooden nametags with friendship bracelet string lanyards
  129. watching kids grow up summer after summer at Tecumseh
  130. reading Tecumseh Tales when Mike publishes a new issue
  131. having kids write about why they love Young Life
  132. Rest Hour Best Hour
  133. emails from campers after they've gone home
  134. Sagamore Creed beads on my Sperrys
  135. cheering for all 5 HSE Volleyball teams
  136. cross country meets
  137. chaperoning the Washington DC field trip
  138. traveling in an airport with 200+ people
  139. the hotel dance party
  140. the DC Monuments
  141. caricatures from 8th graders
  142. being a director for the Camp T Field Trip
  143. the Just Dance Competition
  144. getting to be at Camp for a whole week during the school year
  145. spending time with all of the HS counselors and seeing them lead study groups
  146. getting to Overlap with the OE staff
  147. Adventure Hikes with Ellyn and Choctaw
  148. fireworks over the Richard G during week 4
  149. church on Sunday my whole life long
  150. shopping at J. Crew and Madewell
  151. The Holiday
  152. You've Got Mail
  153. Runaway Bride
  154. Baby-Sitter's Club
  155. Adventures in Odyssey (especially with Ellyn)
  156. Enjoying the Small Things by Kelle Hampton
  157. Donald Miller's Storyline blog
  158. Ellison and Evie's giggles
  159. the precious friendship of Paige, Claire and Megan
  160. character studies on CNN Student News
  161. Dad's advice
  162. laughing till I cry
  163. quilts from mom
  164. movie premieres 
  165. anticipation
  166. still being friends with Krafty after meeting in CILTs 12 years ago
  167. running into Club at YL Camp
  168. talking to Jayla during passing period
  169. Gracie singing so loudly at Campaigners with Ryan
  170. listening to new songs like Love Yourself on repeat
  171. Taylor Swift and everything about her
  172. Hope College
  173. stories about the paper chain wars, scootering in the hall, Gold Dolphins, mentor girls and Willow Creek
  174. visiting Grandma in Hanover, NH
  175. the Wright Way
  176. Closing Campfire hype
  177. writing Top 10 Lists
  178. CILT girl devotions
  179. the first hour of CILT reunions when everyone arrives and freaks out
  180. KCraig's dance moves
  181. skiing at Crystal Mountain with my family over Christmas Break
  182. the Ellen show
  183. reading bed time stories to my campers every single night
  184. finding out about new people who read my blog
  185. Taylor Swift concerts
  186. hiking
  187. when Alli Kenney sings at chapel
  188. Mike Lang's creativitiy
  189. Joel and Tom's leadership
  190. showing up at the musicals and concerts of my students
  191. No Pants Wednesdays
  192. being friends with Diggy
  193. neon YL and CILT hats
  194. thinking about Ethiopia over Spring Break with the dream team
  195. stars over Main Field at night
  196. hanging out with my sister Katie
  197. living life with Anne and Genna
  198. sleeping in without an alarm
  199. when Haleigh laughs till she pees at camp
  200. hanging out in the shallow end of the pool or lake during swim time

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