Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"I have more friends this year, which is disgusting. I just don't have time for it."

Today I told my class that when they're older they won't remember their teachers for what they taught, just random things about them. Like for me, they'll remember me getting steps and friendship bracelets. A girl raised her hand and said, "Don't forget about your scrunchie and socks with your sandals." 

You probably don't know that I was a cheerleader. It was only for 6th grade because there were no cuts (I couldn't even do a cartwheel). I ended my cheer career after only one year because the girls were far more dramatic than cross country runners and our cheer uniforms (black tennis skirts, gold polo tank tops) were easy to resist.

Indiana Elite cheer is a completely different world. Tonight Cookie, Cecilia (aka Side Show Cecilia) and I showed up to watch Maddie's team's run through of their new routine. I know at least half of every team because of teaching so I love it. The girls were awesome and worked so hard. Maddie rocked her back brace and threw around her little flyer nugget like a pro. 

I love these wise words. Totally my kind of advice. It showed up on my Time Hop today and it's still just as true as it was 3 years ago. Reach out to your people today.

These Random Acts of Kindness are the best. You just never know where you'll find some kind words. Not sure who wrote this note that was left on my chair, but it made my day.

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