Thursday, December 3, 2015

"Anything Kathy and Linda plan, I want to be part of."

FBC is the place to be on Thursday afternoons. We played Norwegian Nosedive today when all of our friends from other schools arrived. You and a partner have to only have a certain set of body parts touching the ground like one chin, two hand, one butt and one elbow. Silliness ensues. 

Today I loved sitting and talking with Brooke and Hadley, getting more bracelets fro the Varsity project from Elise, Brooklyn and Hadley, the whole room singing to Justin Bieber and a visit from freshmen Maddy, Hannah and Elise. Now we're all anxious for the FBC shirts to arrive. We're crossing our fingers for next week.

KCraig and I got to have a Chipotle date on our way to Book Club. I'm so thankful for our friendship, for common passions ad motivations, for the fun we have together.

Our Book Club was meeting for the very first time tonight and it didn't really involve a book. This past summer Kathy and Linda talked about how they wanted to create a venue for all of our YL people to gather more often. We love and value this community and want to be part of it more.

A room full of YL friends showed up at Linda's house tonight-- babies, coffee and cookies in tow. We sat in a circle and talked about receiving and Jesus and life. Ryan leaned over part way through and said, "So is that what a girls' campaigners circle is like?" Let me just tell you it was awesome. Who knows if we'll ever read a book together, but I want to keep being intentional about seeing these friends and living life together.

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