Monday, December 21, 2015

"I'm the captain Storm Trooper of Crystal Mountain!"

It's time for the annual Wright family ski vacation at Crystal Mountain in Michigan. We loaded up the cars with winter gear, presents and suitcases this morning and headed North. 

Once we unpacked, Lincoln got to open up a new surprise. A Nerf Bow and Arrow! We're all going to share it this week but Lincoln is probably the most excited about shooting the arrows.

Don't worry, we also have two more kinds of Nerf guns. Windows and stacks of paper cups are all targets.

It was raining all day but we decided to brave the elements and take a hike over to the Crystal Mountain to check it out. Lincoln brought along his umbrella.

We saw a giant machine combing the snow on the runs and a big sweeping light at the top of the mountain.

We love a whole week of adventuring with our boys. Tomorrow our goal is to go ski.

Lincoln and Red opened up new striped footy pajamas tonight after we got back from the pool. This is also the most still the two of them have ever posed for a picture in their entire life.

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  1. Noah broke a window with a similar nerf arrow thingy be careful. LOL