Wednesday, December 9, 2015

"Her tying knot skills are off the chain."

My kids wrote descriptions of people earlier this week without using the person's name till the last line. Then they got to read those descriptions have people guess who they wrote about. This one made me smile...

"Her tying knot skills are off the chain and she once made six bracelets in one day. Her smile is so unique and she is always walking around getting steps. Here Patagonias are so pretty and very colorful. Her hair down or in a side braid is so magnificent and her scrunchies are pretty cool too. Her classroom is fun and interesting with zero boring teacher signs like other rooms. her wrists are filled with colorful bracelets that people have given to her. I've never seen her in a dull mood and she makes me happy. You're the best teacher Miss Wright." -Brookie Cookie

While Christmas shopping this afternoon I ran into the one and only Chloe Green. We both were so surprised and so excited to see each other. This week Chloe's interview about YL was published in the Fishers Magazine. She picked a picture of the two of us together to go with the column so I feel pretty special. I've had kids and teachers at school bringing in copies saying, "Did you know you're in this?!"

I had a pretty epic reunion dinner tonight with Brookie and Alana. I'm such a fan of this pair and don't see them nearly enough. I love when we get to catch up so I can hear about their lives, we can laugh at Alana's farting and get freaked out about how difficult Wilderness will actually be. They're the bomb. 

Did you know the CILT Reunion is only 10 days away? It's true and I'm so freaking excited. I think one of the best pictures of last summer is too look back at the quotes that made it as blog titles this summer. I like to think that even if you don't know the full story, these are still pretty funny.

Session 1

"I taught them all this stuff that they don't know the difference about-- like now when they say 'Hey What' they all wiggle their hips."
"And then you'll be able to say, 'Yeah, I hung out with them on a night off once.'"
"I have a boyfriend and I still have a crush on him."
"Almost everyone I love is in one room."
"How fast do you think you can eat that nerd rope?"
"They were commentating during campfire and they weren't including me."
"The toilet paper at this camp is whack!"
"Diggy! Is that you? From the River Village, from Onondoga?"
"I think walking down hills is a whole lot easier than walking up them."
"You're perfect. Do you have an older brother?"
"Taylor Swift has a Hawaiian song-- Bad Blood. It's about a harpooning accident." "Wait, that's really what it's about?!"

Session 2

"So that means I have keys to everything at camp. The only things they won't let me do are drive the Bobcat and the drone. But that'll probably happen soon."
"Yep, I'd like to sign up for Hip Hop clinic period 2... Oh I already have clinics?"
"Hey, I told you next time you eat something weird you have to come find me because I'm really good at it."
"I planted this is my garden. Then it grew. And now I'm eating it. And it's actually really good!"
"If you're going to act like kids, I'm going to treat you like kids."
"Oh, that's your retainer? Can I try it on?"
"I'll blog for you and then everyone will be like, 'Sarah! You were hacked!'"
"Well Session 1 did it and I'm pretty sure they're all illiterate so..."
"Oh yes, I love listening to Beethoven as well..."
"I gave it to Ellyn because they said to give it to someone cool."
"Hugs are my personality."
"How much money would I have to donate to this place to get a statue of myself? You know, like Irving."
"Maybe sleep with socks on your hands so it doesn't touch your face?! Wow 8!!! Even bleach hands can't stop you!"

Session 3

"I swam with a concussion, so yeah, get in the pool."
"I faced a near death experience when I tried to climb over the wall of the baboon pit at the Brookfield Zoo."
"I don't know that song but I pretended like I did because I wanted to sound hip. People think I'm cool, but I'm one of the most out of the loop people. I didn't know Hurricane Katrina happened till two weeks after."
"I think that a tell tale sign if I'll like someone is if they also love animals. My theory is lost on you. You're still a favorite of mine."
"You're like a cool single uncle who has a lot of lizards."
"Before my first communion I practiced with cheez-its."
"My mom brought you Diet Coke because she saw on your blog how much you love it."
"Wait, are these made out of real wood?"
"Homesick boys-- breaking gender stereotypes one tear at a time."
"I will come up there and eat you!"
"Did you really just pee in the sink?!"
"Three Things Sarah Wright Taught Me: Love God and everyone, nothing is weird, Diet Coke solves every issue."
"She literally can't stop crying. And sweating. She's just crying and sweating."
"I'm so drained in every way. It was perfect."

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