Monday, December 28, 2015

"When my mom traded in our minivan when I was younger I was so sad. Like I'm still sad about it. It was the best! It was dark green with tan interior." Dream Day

Your dream day would include all of your very favorite things jam packed into one 24 hour period. A Dream Day is when you make a collective list of favorite things with a group of friends and make them all happen together. I drove to Champaign to visit my friends Sar, Ben and baby Annie for our 3rd Dream Day together. 

We each made our own lists first and then Ben organized them into our itinerary. We had to get busy. 

Annie, who turned 5 months old today, oversaw the whole thing and made sure we were having plenty of fun. Her dream day included rolling over, watching videos babies like on YouTube, getting held by mom and laughing with dad. 

Get fountain Diet Coke
Make guacamole from Chipotle's recipe

Play a game of strategy

Teach Ben how to friendship bracelet

Play Just Dance

Bake Funfetti cupcakes

Pizza for dinner
Make Top 10 Lists

Milkshakes while watching Gone Girl
Starbucks for breakfast
Walk around Barnes and Noble

We checked everything on our list for this Dream Day. It was a quick but great trip with friends I"m so thankful for. I really love these people.

Honorable Mention Blog Title
"This might mean I'm a bad person, but it's hard for me to get excited about something that I'm just going to give away."

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